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but Vibram FiveFingers New KSO

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PostWysłany: Śro 11:11, 06 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: but Vibram FiveFingers New KSO

Weather is changing, regimen fish affection also can vibram shoes and produce change accordingly [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so how is fishing person answered? Here I talk above all, answer season. The application of makings of the raw meat or fish in makings of water lukewarm bait bait and additive. The focal point is first still put in finished product of pole hole go angling to breed a fish to go up.
Dry,crisp air of autumn, baric and elevatory, water Wen Jiang is low, difference in temperature of morning and evening greatens, fish vigor increases, as water lukewarm fall begins to like edible to contain the bait material with animal sex much albumen, lay in energy for hibernate, this is a fish nature.
What we use the summer is weak sweet model bait expects (the water that weigh fertilizer has big sweet) already cannot satisfy a fish with delicate bait makings need, it with vibram shoes are good to and fivefingers sprint should cast piscine place [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], bait makings adds raw meat or fish to be placed before us.
I am makings of raw meat or fish bait 3 kinds big by use end (fragrance for the moment does not say, but convention is to cater to low water Wen Jia raw meat or fish also wants to be added appropriately sweet)
One. Render palatable adds raw meat or fish. Be in namely early autumn, water is warm when changing almost, makings of bait of a few fishy smell or additive are added in what make up the thimbleful when bait expects. Makings of bait of animal albumen sex adds the control with sheer scale to be in 5 -- 10% the following, fishy smell additive (like bolus fish and water of 9 carps crucian carp) or bait of animal albumen treatment expects (the pink that be like shrimp, fish meal) want fewer. Make a person basic cannot scent fishy smell, the analogy of personate is render palatable [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], arrive since " gourmet powder " action, strengthen the dainty sex that bait expects.
2. Composition adds raw meat or fish. Add the animal protein content that bait expects namely, highlight the fishy smell that bait expects not overly at the same time. In the major while of autumn, this is to be aimed at those who breed adult fish the most effective method that add raw meat or fish, still be helpful for the avoid small fish of utmost at the same time, with miscellaneous fish. can vibram shoes and make breed what fish eats to set one's mind at, avoided needless Jing fish sex (should use raw meat or fish of popular hide from view sometimes, for the moment no matter) . From select material [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], what convention uses is to add those who add many animal albumen to lure feeding habits bait to expect (be like incomparable master piece, plain shed carp to wait) or makings of bait of animal albumen treatment. The albumen in suiting to combine local grain kind composition undertakes additive. Be like, pink of shrimp of fish meal bone dust, fish meal kind commodity bait makings.
3. The bait that animal sex albumen gives priority to expects. Apply to late autumn and winter, piscine active is not right now strong already, especially wide fish of pole hole water is rare, and fivefingers sprint should use the bait makings that contains a lot ofanimal sex albumen to cooperate big sweet will entice. Arouse a fish mouth all alone entices.
Above is the simple nature that shows to add raw meat or fish only, as to, applicable sweet model, assorted vivid bait (red bug) five fingers vibram and not elaborate first. Still have, raw meat or fish additive, all apply to 3 kinds of circumstances of above, but, it is to raise raw meat or fish (bright) , it is auxiliary composition, still help raw meat or fish [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], be about to see yourself's realistic understanding, went applying neatly with actual spot condition.
Remind everybody again: Not take air temperature to become water is warm, not take nose (oneself) when adult fish (feeling) . Be like [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], say since ancient times: Not talk a hero with success or failure! Therein truth, still need oneself to experience.
Additional, hope everybody is excused, the reply is browsed, it is to want to see diver how many have.
If be before you (diver) , hope you cherish everybody's labor, after all the development that everybody's participation just has forum, your a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender just is the power that forum expands. . . powered [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
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