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Fivefingers Women Shoes Not The Same As Cartier

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PostWysłany: Pon 2:38, 10 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Fivefingers Women Shoes Not The Same As Cartier

A history of 150 years to create a wide range of masterpieces Cartier watch is always good to give the value of the time as a rally in the remote Yishai
injected each to create amazing exotic.
Why is the "emperor's jewelers, jewelers, and the emperor," Cartier jewelry accessories of the royal family has always been high on the Acura. Lu eye Yikai
only Cartier (Cartier, Louis) and the transfer of assets from the field of jewelry design,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], extended to watch in 1888, created the first watch jewelry. At
that time, a lot of time accounts for a wide range of styles emerging from the watch pocket watch secret notebooks can be found everywhere. Lu Yikai Asia
that the clock is the future of watches and raised a lot of people see the unforgettable style of a value, the unique shape is not the slightest pretense of
Cartier in 1938, is the performance of the small group in the world of Queen Elizabeth, and then beyond. To make people remember the old classic, Cartier in
1998, created the "Bali Ka Cartier - Private Collection" (Collection Privée Cartier Paris). Private collection of the convergence of a variety of Max has
become in the future to create fertile ground for many remarkable works.
Discover life forget the Collection Privée Cartier Paris
As many fans know the table, "Bali Ka Cartier - Private Collection" (Collection Privée Cartier Paris) is a combination of family Tank, Pasha, Santos, tonneau
and Tortue models, such as the classic form of a special series. This series of watches with mechanical movement developed, while preserving the best
traditions of Swiss watch, Cartier, clearly demonstrates the creative and technology to achieve a balance between commitments to results.
The legendary Tank watch (Tank) is a private collection in Paris, is one of the classic series, and so on. In 2004, Cartier introduced the first limited
edition of the Chinese Tank Cintree Two Time Zone Watch.
The first tank only to attend the birth in 1917, watches, modeling with tanks during World War II Renault single lines,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], artillery and tank load sharing in a
sample from the same source of inspiration. The first gift is only a prototype tank watch American Expeditionary Forces in Europe commander John Pershing.
Tank watch is that it excels at that time a popular anti-design, simple style with difficult people never forget that was obtained after a variety of table
is as follows: the surface of reservoirs, Chinese tanks, tanks rectangular, and others, which is the series is not intermittent success.
Chinese tanks watch (China Tank) arrived in 1922, his creative inspiration from the architecture of Chinese temples, the above table within a square
symmetrical parallel line, with a lag, the momentum of classical China. scattered in the numbers of petal-shaped silver Roman recorded on the disc and steel
blue pointer apple shape generates a stream of soft and elegant, but slim and elegant style. Tank Louis Cartier another hole with a transparent screen
surface exclusive Cartier manual 9701M Type C in the movement of machines, people with views of the beauty of her delicate and moving.
In 1989 and 1996 to see American tanks and French tanks. In 2002, the horizontal rectangular tank see Divan was born. In 2005, Cartier Tank Divan submitted
dragons do enamel, enamel dial, inlaid with gold makes the Western model of romantic temperament wrapped with traditional Chinese dragon, a special flavor.
Tank celebrities popular films to see stars of all ages, Catherine Deveuve Elton John, Princess Diana sculptor Cesar Baldaccini, the spirit of the epoch-
making character, so Cartier tank continuity myth and history.
Note: Cartier jewelry watches
Cartier learn from the wealth of ancient materials and modern ideas, which is rare and precious gemstones designed jewelry watches imaginative, filling
elegance and temperament of women's fashion, is the aesthetic technology.
Cartier watches jewelry may contain more dedication. Writing on behalf of the Declaration of love "Declaration" process, jewelry watches, Cartier designers
in the feeling of love and blessing, the achievements of love to create works of human express deep affection for women.
A new and unique and curvature of lines, a new geometric figure, is also a gem One of Cartier watches. Hypnose is a watch studded with diamonds dial Built-in
tilt oval chose another goose egg, it seems that the time is sucked through the Whirlpool of our time. Combination of linear and circular sofa frame geometry
to look, to break the table above the altar has always been in previous models, like the English letter "D" is the right thing, then changing the ratio of
space to play with Roman numerals, so that the user was surprised to see the original can be so different.
Color, black and white is a Cartier has always been a favorite color, short and simple inter-revealing bold and courageous personality, charm out of black Gu
Yi significant.
Cartier random shape and color of freedom in the world of Mercedes-Benz, using a variety of precious stones to create different combinations of changes.
Cartier re-interpretation of the last century, 30 years Tutti Frutti view, use the precious sapphire,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], ruby and emerald to match the factory models make a
wonderful, extraordinary style.
With their dreams with Santosde Cartier
Founded in 1904 Santosde Cartier watches with a distinctive design and shape the essence of charm and popularity to the Belle Epoque (Beautiful Era) other
people. He not only witnessed the founding Lu Meng Yika Cartier Santos Shidu and friendship between the aviation adventurer at the same time, determined to
arouse the dreamer of dreams to pursue.
Lu Meng and Santos Shidu Yika familiarize themselves with Asia in the 19th century. Santos as a Brazilian plane home to use the flight instruments to develop
their own dreams, but while driving the plane, it was difficult to see the use of reading time. Lu Yika friends in Asia has learned that his great distress,
decided to co-create an Edmond Jaeger to wear a wristwatch, in Santos-see while driving. Watch this step has been appointed Santosde Cartier.
1906, Santos Shi Dumeng record of successful flight. When Santos stepped down as "14 b" No level, everyone saw he was reading the time to watch, Cartier
Santosde also become beautiful to look at the formal stage. In 1911, Cartier watch Santosde official came in and made a great success in 1973, Cartier
produced a total of 800 clock Santos.
Santosde Cartier Santos watch the full interpretation of the philosophy Shidu Lu Meng Yikai Asian life - yearning for freedom, ambition, ambitious and
passionate. They were passionate about life, Wizards,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], left the road to find their dreams, and enthusiastic spirit of mutual encouragement, has created a
myriad of miracles.
In 2004, full of modern style Santos100 Cartier watch the series celebrates the 100th anniversary of the introduction of Santosde Cartier. The original
Cartier Santosde put on new clothes, including sports-type and sleek style. In addition Santosde Cartier Santos series looking at women coming Demoiselles.
The name is taken from Ladies of light aircraft. Ladies light as the body of the yen, soft lines, inspired Santos inspired design, see smooth modern lines so
that the ladies can not help thinking about flocking to see the noble treasures sophisticated.
Over the years, the city's magical charm Clock
Hex Cartier achieve the greatest invention in history. Early 20th century, Lu Yika Cartier watches, master Molisiku based on the principles of Robert Houdin
began writing Enchantment magic clock. In 1912, the first official "Style" Enchantment magic born sister, popular at the time of consumers. No wonder the
clock using the technical principles of magic, so that the cursor seems to float in the air.
As a professor of mathematics Molisiku
, Is committed to the use of skills in the field of magic, disappearing as elegant as the clock pointer, or to replace the stars and other beautiful models.
Finally, he found that a fixed pointer in the glass disc irregular dark side of the mechanical system driven by technology, allows the human eye can not see
a connection with the mechanical device. The mystery of the hidden technology,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], improved the image of the monotonous clock, can be covered with a layer of
contact for those countries where the veil of fantasy.
Thanks to the continuous creation, technological surveillance and mysterious movement seems to light the Olympic flame, Daidaixiangcheng.
Those working for the importance of Cartier, which Royal Easter Egg Faberge for the Russian champions, such as reaching. Enchanting magical clock work, so
the public can enjoy a different artistic point of passage of time.

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