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Murder fugitives into the Internet cafe was captur

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PostWysłany: Nie 13:16, 09 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Murder fugitives into the Internet cafe was captur

Sun Liang suspect in the origin of our reporter Liangjun She

man killed in Ningxia, a four cover the corpse and continue gambling


fled into the cafe register online Yan was arrested

newspaper Yan'an (Reporter Liang Jun) \p>
1 6 January night, the pagoda in Yan'an Branch Willow City Public Security Bureau police station interrogation room, woods, suspect Sun Liang, finally broke down in tears, as usual in the altercation, he killed a neighbor, a family of four. Let the trial police stunned that after Sun Liang in the cover body, as usual, continue every night gambling. Until the new year day, he saw the police car near the victim haunted house, only fled in panic. A week later, he was arrested in Yan'an.
\, before the incident, in the town of Lingwu City, East Tower, the acquisition of waste for a living. Ding Mou neighbor, the men who murdered 50-year-old wife Jiangmou 39 years old, they have two daughters aged 12, small 10-year-old. Ding Jiazu membership is also in Henan.
weekdays, Sun Liang in the day that much work, addicted to gambling, such as life, well-intentioned, neighbors often advise him, and sometimes a few inevitable rebuke. Day of abjection like to see Sun Liang, Jiang Mou said: \Sun Liang in the words angered.
2010 年 12 26 afternoon 5 pm, Sun Liang Ding came in and killed Jiangmou, will be cheated of their home killing two daughters. Liansha a family of three, the Sun Liang Ding Mou trick, he also met its hacked to death.
\5 pm to 11 pm, killing a family of four consecutive even more rare. Sun Liang, according to the account of the incident, he and others in the local little altercation, not to mention fights.
what is evil to kill him to produce it? He confessed: \is concerned about me, but hate them when I was special. \Sun Liang said: \\
However, in the brutal murder of Sun Liang Daughter, does not escape. He hid the body, to continue gambling at his residence. Trial, Sun Liang said: \/ p>
but he has no plans, according to Sun Liang said, was not much pocket money, bank card only 3 million, for fear of police arrest, but not the car, fled on foot along the way,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], hungry, to beg for some more food restaurants; walk, on the road to ride. Try to find some at night the bridge culvert. \Red Alert

6 日 下战书 4 时 48 points, Sun Liang in an Internet cafe near the train station in Yanan register online,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], just on the half hour, the police came. Sun Liang said that he knew that one day sooner or later, but did not think it would come so soon.
half an hour to capture the Sun Liang, the Liulin police station, this is a large national public security system has played a role in intelligence and information platform. The system national network, January 1, Sun Liang was in the Ningxia police passed the information platform. The Sun Liang entry in the Internet cafes are required to register real-name system, the ID information is automatically uploaded to large information systems. Red warning system quickly. Suspects arrested after the police station on the spot, this cafe awards 1000. Niu Biao,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the deputy director, said: \

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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