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Psychoanalysis - Info Barrel

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Sigmund Freud is considered one of the fathers of modern psychiatry. He is the very first psychiatrist to use psychoanalysis in order to counsel and treat the mental ill.

Psychoanalysis has come a very long way since Sigmund Freud's concentration on the rich aristocracy. Now there are different disciplines and different views of why and how a person may become mentally ill. Psychoanalysis is the counseling aspect of psychiatry. There are medications that can be used to even out a person's temper,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], help calm their anxiety or help them to overcome a trauma. Many people do not respond positively to only medication. Their pain or traumatic memories are deep seeded in their brains and they need a venue in which to talk about the things that are bothering them, or they may just need to find an external source to help guide them to a solution.

Investigating the mind, which is what psychoanalysis is in its simplest definition, is a difficult task. It can be easy to fool a physician,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a family member, your boss, or your friends, but a psychiatrist or psychologist are trained to look beyond the behaviors of the mentally ill that have been depicted in books and on the big screen. Looking for finite responses to stimuli can help a mental health professional to determine the best course of counsel for their patient. Some may need to talk, some may need to write or draw pictures, some may need to be invited to spend some time in a mental health care facility. In each different perspective by a psychiatrist or psychologist, they have to determine the proper direction to go.

For example there are different forms of PTSD. A person who witnesses or is a participant in a single traumatic experience may need some guidance getting through the trauma and being able to go on with their life. This person will benefit from psychoanalysis. On the other hand, a veteran of war may have witnessed or been a part of so many atrocities; events they could not turn their backs on due to the nature of their cause. The veteran would have a more difficult time overcoming the trauma they experienced. This person may be found to need more intensive analysis and treatment, requiring housing them for a while in a facility equipped to handle their special circumstances.

There is group and individual counseling available. Even Alcoholics Anonymous uses a form of psychoanalysis, and other self-help groups do the same. Sometimes being around others with the same issues can help a person. Sometimes being reminded of what occurred can have an opposite effect. As I said, the mind is a difficult venue in which to have all the answers.

Thanks to Sigmund Freud we have a start on helping others to cope and overcome their mental illnesses that are environmentally caused. Those with physiological problems might benefit, but psychoanalysis will not help them completely. They have a physical problem that only medication or possibly surgery can resolve.

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