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Restaurant soup kitchens nearly 8 months more than

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PostWysłany: Pon 23:43, 24 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Restaurant soup kitchens nearly 8 months more than

Many hospital patients and nearby residents line up to receive . However, in the provincial capital's most intense dishes Xinmin North Hall, you will find, here, porridge and rice porridge entirely different. A dollar a bowl of porridge, is a business; porridge distributed free of charge, is charity. May 29, 2010 So far, this small restaurant in front of soup kitchens in the past 8 months, the recipients more for the nearby hospital patients and their families. Months, to make donations in the form of rice which has more than 60 people who love.
one, the hotel staff: soup kitchens are proud to bring joy

1 22 afternoon 4 pm, this reporter went to big strong dishes Museum, due to the time yet to come, in front of no soup kitchens or those who receive porridge. Open the back door of a restaurant operation between the hospital in a hostel, a reporter walked into the hospital, one can see cars parked in the corner of porridge. Porridge vehicle triangle and the welded metal, the top prominently marked Waist-high metal operating table, was covered with two large size of the rice cooker base, the lower part of porridge car, and another line of small print, Car not far from the soup, a small briquette stove, a bucket-like cauldron is boiling hot, wearing work clothes from time to time carry the scoop over the cook, lift the lid to see, stir a few then turned away the next.
about half an hour later, a fashionable hair not tall light-footed waiter to come out in the car began to wipe the dust porridge, white work clothes in his breast, and conspicuous to do with a pieces of the Communist Youth League Tuanhui. His name is Feng Xiaolong, 18, Lv Liangxing County.
Feng Xiaolong the help of a colleague in the car will be launched porridge backyard,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], settled in front of the restaurant side. Porridge at this time the car, in addition to the two big pots of steaming rice, but also a few more pre-cut butter pickles. Shop with Feng Xiaolong, including a total of five staff, staff are not surplus. When no one hit porridge, Feng Xiaolong it in the store is busy, Gechuang see someone come out zhou, he walked out, will come in the hands of Shing porridge snack cup or bowl, and then respond to shy smile also thank the other shy.
since the summer of 2010 to wage a large museum has strong dishes, Feng Xiaolong not remember their own hands by sending love spoon spoonful of porridge in the end the number, he said, the number of private roughly once a pot of about spoon to scoop three or four hundred. He said a dedicated cook porridge for every day a little more than the afternoon began to boil wash rice, three p.m. stay up till five o'clock more about it on the pan porridge porridge car. Recently because of cold weather, brought out the people as usual porridge and more porridge pot two facilities are usually completed seven o'clock in the evening. New Year's day before yesterday that the coldest days, Feng Xiaolong hand for the soup kitchen also add a few frostbite, bright red. Why should the boss soup kitchens, Feng Xiaolong not know, but he was literally like the work of this special, like the spoon in my heart from the spoon down between the share of pride and pleasure.
advantage of the winter Liu Ying temporary help at the hotel told reporters, because the bowls of porridge during hospitalization, some patients and restaurants have forged feelings, specially came to the hotel at discharge illness leave. It was also insisted on giving money received porridge, is rejected again the next day after dinner, when the bill still give a dollar. Such a scenario, a sub-let a little restaurant filled with affection.
busy in the restaurant business before the Qiaozhi Ming emperor was not busy restaurant owner, Qiao Zhiming said that the real boss is called Wang Qiang, was his cousin. Wang Qiang, both parents in the home and in poor health, so most of the time, the hotel business will be remote from the Qiang, Qiao Zhiming care. May 2010, Qiao Zhiming told by cousin bought two of the largest number of rice cookers, but also according to the size of the pot to find someone to make a porridge car, everything is ready, easy to May 29 started soup kitchens. A few days later, because the heat is not easy to grasp with a gas cooker porridge, he bought briquettes and stoves. Repairing these tools, before and after the investment of 2,000 yuan. Soup kitchen up the process of calculating the cost will not be easy. Qiao Zhiming said that, 35 kilos of rice, a bag of porridge pot could stay two.
Second, the restaurant owner: as long as the hotel was open, and love porridge will not stop

the number provided under Qiao Zhiming, Wang Qiang, a reporter and then get in touch. Wang Qiang dwell on the phone regarding the origin of the soup kitchen.
Wang Qiang, who is Yaodu District. 6 years ago, Wang's father, suffering from leukemia, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Medical University hospital treatment, along with escort Wang Qiang far away from the hospital to live at a hostel is a half a year. During that time, he suffered a family illness brought heavy and helpless. Fortunately, good treatment, spent more than 30 million later, his father was discharged home.
long after, Wang accompanied his father to come to review, that the restaurant had to stay in guest houses along the street for some time due to poor management Guanzhang rent, advertising has played more than two months in the newspaper. Under order to repay the external debt by his father to see a doctor, Wang Qiang, to borrow money under the plate this location a good restaurant.
Museum after the opening of a large strong dishes, guests come to visit, a considerable part of the hospital in the vicinity of the patient's family. See their worried faces, Wang Qiang, will think of himself not long ago,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he decided to do what we can for those people living in difficult circumstances to provide some facilities. Food taboos and more patients, even if only two or three dollars priced noodles, the waiter on the menu down at the content than the other restaurants at least twice, and some can not have soy sauce, sesame oil and some can not have, and some can not have onions ginger and garlic ... ... list of progressive kitchen, from side dishes to the chef must be a member of a watch list of operations, time consuming and there was little profit. Over time, chefs are impatient, Wang Qiang, for this purpose to the chef who had a meeting, demanding to do according to customer requirements, try to meet the needs of the patient.
Wang Qiang, said their grandmother influenced by personal behavior. Grandma was a kind-heartedness of the people often say is Multi-family house in earlier years, there have been strangers to Linfen settled from the field, apart from anything else my grandmother would make a house for the family shelter, and later the family so when the demolition of existing homes are three sets of building demolition compensation.
referred to soup kitchens, Wang said the idea came from his friend Mr. Zhang. Last May,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Mr. Zhang and his friends to the shop Mr TUNG-together, during which three men chatted about all the families of patients seeking treatment abroad is not easy, Mr. Zhang made the platform using the hotel facilities to the patients and their families to the idea of porridge, three people hit it off immediately decided to do so. Soup kitchen on the first day, Mr. Zhang's birthday happens to be such a coincidence, so that Mr. Zhang was almost moved to tears.
Wang Qiang, said the soup kitchen feeling very good, but he did not think this is a such a big thing, and therefore did not expect the matter will be among friends who had so much response. Soup kitchens began shortly after friends heard constantly active to join in, give money to have to send rice. Friends Zhang Huirong open a small restaurant, not rich, but I heard about this, she and two friends Zhulin Feng, Zhou Jijin two donations totaling 2,000 yuan, and that we still have to donate. Enthusiastic contributions of design and decoration also make friends Hao Xiaobing, in the film culture industry friends Jiarui Ping, Big Brother Liang Haifeng, China Everbright Bank's Wang Jing and other dozens of people.
a soup kitchen last summer, the Qiang have been observed in the side note, many people receive porridge, are trying to explain something. He knew that it was used to indifference because, after not suited for free help. This discovery made him faint heart pain, he told the people lead porridge, did not need to explain, you need to hit the bowls bowls, as long as the pot there, to bowls will do. It was also seeing whispered question: right now, is not to the hotel to advertise? In order to resolve people's concerns, Zhou Qiang and the car put in a special In fact, he does not want the media attention to this matter, some plans do not want to be seen as a In any case, he would insist on it to do so, p>
Zhang Qiang's friends activities is one of the founders soup kitchens, but also an active advocate and participant. Soup kitchen a few months, engaged in journalistic work is not easy, he often went to soup kitchens site for taking the time to see the consistency of porridge, soup kitchens response observed. With around more and more people to donate rice, and his car almost a meter dedicated transport vehicle. In return for their enthusiastic support of friends, he launched many good at painting and calligraphy old father wrote for a friend who. Previously, he had turned down many media requests for an interview, the interview is to a large extent people do not understand the individual to make a clarification.
Sanjin City News: Charities can have a variety of ways, why think of soup kitchens?
Zhang: China's ancient times to the vulnerable groups of the traditional soup kitchens, I think, on whether the needs of porridge, is the dividing line between rich and poor. As a charity, soup kitchens, the threshold is very low, so it is not difficult, but also to the difficulty to provide real help. We initially thought of this, the weather has been a bit hot, so idea was to cook some rice bean soup or small, freely available to people in need. Access to information was found in ancient times were applied thick porridge, to the difficulties of those who eat, then changed his mind and decided some of Shi thick rice gruel, thick enough to plug is maintained chopsticks.
hospital population is difficult to gather points. I myself have seen the kids at the provincial children's hospital patients. Treatment in hospital here, most of the serious condition and the family in the field, the patient's family is facing the dual pressures of economic and spiritual. Our soup kitchen is no other purpose, which is to give them some concern and warmth to the patient's confidence in a victory over the disease, a spiritual comfort to the families so that they feel they are not alone in this city. Word, so that
Sanjin City News: As a sponsor, and direct participants, more than half of you in this soup kitchens during the feel?
Zhang: feel good, someone else is such a happy thing. It can be said the soup kitchen has become part of my work and life. Car wash a few days ago, I cleared out two rice out of the car, looking at these I do not know when it leaking from the bag of rice, the first time I felt distressed for food, the rice can cook several bowl of it! Soup kitchens process, I and Wang Qiang, who not only purify the mind themselves, but also because a lot of good fortune to raise rice formed. Friends more than once said: Where you do, where we support. Just yesterday, the provincial policies and regulations at Meitan Ting also contact us, want to help us do. Everbright Bank branches, companies and Taiyuan Taiyuan, China Unicom also bring him a sector of rice. League Committee Propaganda Department about the incident, take the initiative to contact us, propose the establishment of Next, we also plan to
soup kitchens nearly 8 months, had a new car seems to have some old porridge, and often see it, I have very frustrating. A small restaurant can stick with it is not easy soup kitchens. New Year's Day before the coldest few days, put the soup spoon, two minutes to freeze there. Laba day, to allow patients and their families change of taste, and feel the holiday warmth in different places, I cook the rice gruel specially ordered into rice porridge. The remaining five bowl of the day, I wanted to enjoy with friends as a memorial, and later because someone brought porridge, did not even realize this wish.
circle of friends, I often pass on this story, love has no one to tell them the size of the points, donated twelve meters and the donation of tons of rice also deserve respect.
in some people's eyes, we may be In fact, the restaurant business has been good, do not need hype. Many people complain that social indifference, but the truth Just imagine if no one was willing to pay, then Who was the first to pay the man the truth? We hope to help others at the same time inspire more people to love, to raise the temperature of this society even 0.1 degrees Celsius, so that people feel the warmth of a touch it.

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