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clarks shoes outlet Xiao Chai Hu Tang on the cytop

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PostWysłany: Czw 6:04, 24 Lut 2011    Temat postu: clarks shoes outlet Xiao Chai Hu Tang on the cytop

,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Xiao Chai Hu Tang on the cytoplasm of Kupffer cells in the amount of estrogen receptor

ls / ml Kupffer cells,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the estrogen receptor content of 5.56 ± 0.86fmol,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], compared with 5 × 10cells/ml significantly increased (p <0.01,11 = 5). Therefore, future experiments using the 1 × 10cells/ml of Kupffer cells. 2. Xiao Chai Hu Tang cytoplasm of Kupffer cells to estrogen receptor content of rat Kupffer cells (1x10eells/m1) added 50 ~ 300 [xg / rnl of Xiao Chai Hu Tang, training 14 (total 14 ) International Journal of Chinese Medicine Volume 14 No. 1 18 / J ~, the determination of the amount of cytoplasmic estrogen receptor. Results in the control group 5.48 ± 0.76fmo1. And Xiao Chai Hu Tang 50,100,30 Og / ml group Kupffer cell cytoplasm, the amount of estradiol receptor were 6.23 ± 1.38,19.38 ± 0.73,12.182.86 fmo1. Xiao Chai Hu Tang New estrogen receptor content in a concentration dependent increase (n = 5). In particular, the concentration of 1O0 and 300glml Xiao Chai Hu Tang group than in the control group significantly increased (p <0.91, n5). There are reports that the discussion of various gender differences in immune response, human and mammalian serum immunoglobulin female than male, antigen stimulation of antibody production, the female is also stronger than the male. Autoimmune disorders, usually for women with a high incidence, high incidence of sexual maturity. These facts indicate that sex hormones may affect the body's immune system. In fact the exclusion of HBV infection in the host and the virus ability to induce immune response, also gender differences. Of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis patients with hepatitis B virus markers and autoantibodies, men HBs antigen detection rate, while the detection rate for females autoantibodies. Although the mechanism of control of these gender differences is not clear, but presumably humoral and genetic factors and factors related to February 1992, in particular _ and sex hormones on the liver of patients have an impact on antibody production. Of the previously reported effect on Xiao Chai Hu Tang in the macrophages, so that IL1 increased production, and promote antibody production, activation of immune system cells, while macrophages induced from elements of sebum lipids, inhibition of phospholipase A, Ya. Thereby inhibiting leukotrienes and prostaglandins play a role in inflammation. The study results show that the local Xiao Chai Hu Tang in the liver, another important role of the cytoplasm of Kupffer cells increases estrogen receptor. Xiao Chai Hu Tang is for the commission in effect in the cells directly play a role in immune activation, while indirect effects on Kupffer small spaces, so that increased estrogen receptor expensive, and play a role in immune activation, increased ability to eliminate the virus, Therefore, the authors believe that Xiao Chai Hu Tang can enhance the ability of HBV carriers eliminate the virus. Conclusion Xiao Chai Hu Tang can make the cytoplasm of Kupffer cells to increase the amount of estradiol receptor. [And the Society of Chinese Medicine 1990 7 (3): 179 ~ 182 (in Japanese) Translated by Zhang Zhijun Li Zhongying technology] reed, hammer drugs, bitter gourd juice bottles 0oB of streptozotocin-induced diabetes in rats the impact of R,, red 7 a EricH. Karunanayakeet. In addition there is the ability to tolerate the permanent special load condition, oral administration of bitter melon juice on experimental acute and cumulative effects are not obvious. Experimental group and control group mice turkey too were significantly higher concentrations of hemoglobin, there was no significant difference between groups. Oral administration of bitter melon juice to lower blood special effect is activated p Jing cells secrete insulin. Bitter gourd (Momordicacharantia) Sri models, oral administration of bitter melon juice to explore its mechanism of action of hypoglycemic Lanka and some Southeast Asian countries, a common plant burning, according to Li. This diabetic model is to make the special report by the pancreatic cells for Japanese non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus groups and the formation of the normal breakdown of health given. Animal health group, oral hypoglycemic bitter gourd juice Materials and Methods for further study found that bitter melon juice can enhance the original species of animals in vitro; test are used weight 195 ± organization glucose uptake and glycogen storage. Freeze-drying 21g of male Sprague-Da '~ ley. Department of rats to the bitter gourd juice significantly stimulated Langerhans islets in vitro standard laboratory diet. During the I: 1 服 oral glucose insulin cells. Tolerance test before, all the rats were fasting 14 In this study, rats with streptozotocin-induced disease of sugar feces for 16 hours. -
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