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Last behemoth the United States M103 heavy tank

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PostWysłany: Pon 6:46, 10 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Last behemoth the United States M103 heavy tank

1945 年 5 9, the Soviet Red Army Plaza in Berlin held a grand military parade to celebrate the victory of anti-fascist war. The parade on the \Magnificent IS-3 heavy tanks, like the Tigers down like the Berlin Plaza rumble ... .... It was low profile, thick armor, large long barrel, tortoiseshell, like the turret, giving the visitors left a deep impression. Friends in the red camp elated, Western military experts panic. This is the famous \To counter the \
In fact, the end of the Second World War, the U.S. Army has developed several test-type tanks, including T-29, T-30, T-32, T-34 tanks and other heavy and so on. Which was undoubtedly the closest to the mature T-34 heavy tanks. It is the T-30 tanks, based on the successful development, with 60 times the diameter of 120 mm rifled gun, combat weight exceeds 70 tons. However, due to heavy T-34 tanks, and ultimately just stop at the stage of prototype development.

1946 年 1 19, U.S. Army Ordnance Board decided to develop the post-war light, medium and heavy tanks. And decided to develop the direct cause of heavy tanks, is subject to the \May 14, 1946, the United States by Chrysler \Mentioned earlier, several heavy tank-like vehicles, are designed for Chrysler, which, the company's intimate knowledge of the development of new heavy tanks. December 1948, the U.S. Army and Chrysler signed a development contract, development,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], code-named T-43 heavy tanks. June 1951, the company completed a trial production prototype cars, and began to conduct various tests in the Aberdeen Proving Ground. Formal shape in 1953 as the M103 heavy tank. U.S. military equipment in 1956, formally included in the series, and began to equip U.S. military forces stationed in West Germany. M103 tanks use a lot of problems that are considered \So, again produced by the M103 tanks up to 150 of the plant.
M103 heavy tank of the end-user is the U.S. Marine Corps, has been used to retirement from active service in 1973.
M103 heavy tank of the equipment number 220, did not participate in actual combat.
\hand). Vehicle Length (gun forward) is 11.392 meters,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], body length of 6.691 m,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 3.632 m wide and cars, cars with high (to turret roof) is 2.927 m, giving a \

cab in the front part of the central authorities, the driver of the top of a door, left and right cab store shells. Turret located in the central body, large head. Gunner in the turret gun on the right, two on the left hand loading, they share a turret door. Center is located in the rear turret drivers have a control tower door. This arrangement, coupled with a larger turret balance Weicang made before and after the length of the turret, was obvious oval. Gun mounted on each side of a parallel machine guns. The arrangement in the other tank is also rare. There are a pricey top turret guns. Rear body is the engine compartment, with engine and gearbox. There are a set of auxiliary power units. Mobile devices have seven middle on each side of the road wheel diameter, 6 care pulley, inducer in front, driving wheel in the post. Turret at the end of a long car cabin, this is a novelty, even though to do a \
attention to fire performance

the U.S. military beginning in the M103 heavy tank design, the performance put the fire into the top, followed by the armor protection, and then the mobility. M103's main weapon is an M58-type 120-mm rifled gun, barrel length is 60 times the diameter, the use of vertical breech, there are two chamber-type muzzle brake and bore smoking device, the level of fire -8 ~ +15 degrees, manipulated by the hydraulic mechanism, the use of sub-loading ammunition, armor-piercing projectile species are, grenades and phosphorus bombs, but also capable of firing HEAT ammunition base 38 made. Fired penetrators, in the shooting angle of 30 degrees, shooting 914 meters away from the case, the breakdown 221 mm thick steel armor; launch HEAT armor when the thickness of 330 mm: maximum range when firing grenades up to 23,150 m . Despite being sub-mounted artillery, but there are two loader, the actual rate of fire is still up to 5 rounds / min.

fire control system includes: M14-type electromechanical analog ballistic computer, M15-type stereo-type range finder, M29 type master gunner sight, M102-style-type telescope sight, the quadrant , two-way stabilizer and turret drive and so on. Range finder and main sights together, ranging the range of 457-4572 meters, 8.6 times magnification. Auxiliary sight magnification of 8 times. Take the 20th century, the standard 50 years to see, this is quite an advanced fire control system.
supporting arms tied with two 7.62 mm machine gun and one 12.7 mm machine gun. 7.62 mm machine gun rate of fire is 400-500 rounds / min, a maximum range of 3200 meters, base 5250 made ammunition. 12.7 mm machine gun rate of fire 450-550 rounds / min, a maximum range of 6821 meters, ammunition, base 1000, can be in the control tower remote control within a long shot from the car. (This article Source: NetEase military)

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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