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change more Vibram FiveFingers KSO Trek

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PostWysłany: Wto 11:51, 05 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: change more Vibram FiveFingers KSO Trek

Angle the day that look forward to is for friend to office worker on the weekend, but old day likes vibram fivefingers flow seems that with our oppose, always be in these two days is not to blow to rain namely. This plan and static sea greatly [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], JOKEY go thing state the village angles silver crap, but because weekday is occupied,cannot head for together, depressed.
Zhou Wu has message cat afternoon father and 1203 had gone brood of Hu Shan is free went, 5 when be informed Suo large bamboo hat to with a buzz wait for old elder brother to also hurry to assemble again, in the heart that urgent, so early in the morning was killed together with young man at 5 o'clock Saturday run quickly lie Hu Shan.

Those who come to the person such as feline father is old angle -- south bank, see surface storm not quite, but listen to him to wait say to did not see overnight float move a few times, day break hind also is same, a gloomy is in the heart frowsty, mix so young man is consultative still go our often angle the bank tries a north. Arrive after boreal bank, the south wind of 3 class is blown so that surface resembles big lake water, one billow receives one billow, but, come already angle, still had raised angle box pulls open posture.

And feed, tone floats, seek a copy, busy and, though wind sea emerges, when just finding a ground [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], still see float sinks quickly, busy carry pole, a 3 two crucian carp vibram fivefingers of the left and right sides fly off surface, in the heart one feels happy secretly. Be in next in a hour, come up one after another 56 1 to the 3 small crucian carp of two, the person such as busy father giving a cat reports boreal bank to have show, come quickly encircle and suppress. Encounter does not come before the person spear short big gun such as father of cat of a long time, the directional wind sea that is in because of me is urgent, then the person such as feline father faces single-line battle array of lee lay out. Controlled at 10 o'clock, I already had all of the same color of 20 much end white crucian carp is entered protect, the content that still draws on a chiliad (old turtle) , at this moment wind stops billow interest, surface is like a bright mirror, the float after the hook entices after all did not have foregoing dots to move however, not a long time does not know to float from which come an oil is strong floater, float enters water stand suffocate suffocate, hit break up to come personally nevertheless, but when once bleach a body to break up slowly,sinking, often accompany to fall strongly, this thinking is water Chinese meal cut is fed, do not pay attention to more, but after enticing after all, be just like throw into water jar to do not have activity again, be in a few times subsequently in the road that hit pole, have next pausing busy carry pole, doing not have those who think of to give water is crucian carp vibram fivefingers unexpectedly [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], realize a day suddenly to enraged fuggy vibram fivefingers to change water layer, busy cut lead to angle float looks for piscine layer, 5 centimeter try every other, in from the bottom the float when 15 centimeter shakes standard and frequent, from time to time has the satisfactory landscape of one pole double end.

Be in next two hours [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], again ten end vibram fivefingers is entered protect. To 12 when the left and right sides, scorching sun pawn, hot and dry bear hard, piscine affection not answer, rest then pole FB, arrive all the time afternoon at 3 o'clock, angle the bottom angles no matter float, did not have again previous stirring occasion. After passing at 3 o'clock, wind father is killed again came back, billow father is hit again, on surface smeary do not know by a run on a bank which went, our float jumps mischievously however again, call a person to be radiant with joy really -- have vibram fivefingers of a few end again scoop up will come up, but far be inferior to in the morning exceptionally grand occasion, make an appointment with 1 hour continuously, float jumps vibram fivefingers flow seems that tired, follow wave ups and downs in storm only.

4 when the left and right sides, the person such as young man of static heart old elder brother, corn will to mine angle a preparative night angle, I informed fivefingers shoes to there already was not the news that has a check mark now. 5 when, zhao Daxia telephones told he and the person such as one arms to pull open battlefield in south bank, ask him piscine feeling how, character tries pole to have namely, persuade static heart, corn to go to master place quickly then confluent. I and young man receive pole at this point [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], hit a your home.

Clear war situation, I angle crucian carp vibram fivefingers 36 end, mostly 19 heavy, big do not cross half jins [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 2 two old turtle (suffer heatstroke regrettablly and die) , 3 two A 1; vibram fivefingers of young man crucian carp 6, a 3, half jins of catfish 1, meantime runs a have not seeks old other people face. Two people place angles gross weight 6 jins 2 2. Anyhow crossed a small concealed.

This go angling, get one experience: Lie Hu Shan is latter as a result of crampfish, fish, turn on the water, a lot of element such as weather variation, vibram fivefingers fantasticality, reason choosing angles dot, angle, piscine layer is unfavorable by groovy experience act, change more, "Unconscious " also not be not possible. powered [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
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--[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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