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Sinking of the night

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Dołączył: 03 Gru 2010
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PostWysłany: Nie 1:53, 22 Maj 2011    Temat postu: Sinking of the night

Night, the struggle of the curve, fuzzy image.
Thus, the pen was innocent and dark, filed, recorded over its sadness, its care, it's listening, it complained that night, there has been a sigh. In this night, alone, I could not find a peaceful [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], silent out of the window like many small cones, and stung the brain's thoughts, upset in the name of the space around alone. With a sigh, open the unlatched door, to the boundless night, walking away from the share of upset.
black, is a kind of sad. In the romance of the moment, like the lover's tears, gloomily to share the pain free, so the night will more of a God of the weak, replace the pain and fall. Night, is a care in the loneliness of space, like a lover's hands tightly embrace the life of truth, afraid to continue to extend the night. Night, need a listening window in the watch, like the lover's attention, brings tears to the rain sound collection, with its moist heart of the memory. Night, is a tell, very few quiet in the night sky, like a lover's lips, smile, hand to explain the season.
one night. Walking alone in the streets to face the wind, such as knife-like sharp, but the heart of the concept, always like a wound, not heal. If there is a quiet forest. I am willing to stay on the land alone, without being known to other people alone to bear alone the space and quiet thinking. I remember the lyrics, wrote, to my sorrow for yourself. Can a person still, bear the sorrow, lies the romantic, dissolute self. Boundless promise. Maybe I do not know when I can be severed from the world of sufferings, street lights went out. I look forward to the dawn of time. But I'm afraid of losing the beautiful sky. I do not understand, Why do we need this space on alternating day. Reincarnation, the previous idea. Now changed. People in the small. Why not round like the moon. And today, too, but hate the moon, because the symbol of man have sorrow and joy, there is a distance of separation. Legend Legend of Love, it seems a great impact on the modern. One night, a man to bear.
wind, I do not know when the blowing of the wind that gave the slightest cold, let the imagination to follow the ring wake up driving alone in the cold I sneeze it is true that elongated shadow.
walking in their own thoughts which, alone and with ease. Who do not need to agree, because you are unable to agree. Although a little deserted, but it is life must be.
through the appearance of hypocrisy, dirty soul, as his own soul. I see this world, every day, many bleeding hearts, but also see a lot of laughing in the face of shameless, I want to spit, but had them Xuyuweiyi. Only with the cold eyes, laughing at our base.
confusion [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as the long-abandoned garden inside the vine weeds growing wild, though disorganized, but alive. Powerless to prevent its spread, allow it to attack intellectual territory. Tonight, let me sink.
give up the things at hand, require a lot of courage; overthrow the concept has been agreed, thinking deeply the pain of need.
I can not stand, for fear of sharp conflicts and bring about the destruction of self-denial, eager for a little bit of so-called mature and gentle. Childhood dream, as the seed germination of the newly born, was a cool destruction and killing the world, break the wings of angels, look indifferent, prostrate on the ground, wander the line.
tear my body, peeling out of the heart, it beats it? I can not see. Blood flow with it? I can not see.
quiet hall, I danced alone, and wandering around with, for the moment of quiet joy and beauty. Suddenly, a glimpse of beautiful places in the infiltration of cracks between the blocks bloodshot, white walls, the Yingyingchaochao a ghost look.
screaming, there is a little bit of joy. True, always emerges in front of a door, no matter in what way it appears.
ridiculed on the street [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I am cold to walk alone. Thinking, a lot of messy heap of disposable objects, neglect of cleaning. One day, open warehouse, empty case.
a result, they locked the door, and lost that key.
course, lost the key of the sorrows and joys, whom I will not?
I am unable to hold a pen, full of dripping blood, fried, and fell on the wall, like sleepwalking in general, any offerings of God holding my hand, draw the track of thinking. Completed, I see, is the exclamation point
dawn, and I also sat for a long time, draw the curtains, gently opened the window, the morning after an oncoming moist air, looked up to ask days of sunshine today let me rest it? Warm blanket will do my cold drive it?
night [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], started this season slowly sinking

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