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Taiwan woman picking up the return of the owner to

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PostWysłany: Nie 20:13, 23 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Taiwan woman picking up the return of the owner to

Young woman yellow peonies (left) picked up the bag containing 1.1 million yuan in cash, returning lost money to the police station, the owner, such as Lin Jing (right) grateful.

BEIJING, January 23 According to Taiwan, She requested the money to take home 3 children identified as genuine notes, the family of four from the temptation to immediately put the money to the police station,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], back after 20 minutes, the owner cried. Peony Wong Yang scavengers earn less than 5,000 yuan a month, the insistence of the owner received barely 3,000 yuan a red envelope, she said: / p>
Yang yellow peonies only primary school, and they have 5 children and 1 female, widowed for many years, thanks to her Supporter family. Police Luo Shiwen contractor, said: . Young women often see the doctor of the Sacred Heart Medical Clinic and president of Huang Baokai is thumbs up, said: . , prepared to receive 110 million in cash last night deposit at the post office. Driving, she just received a phone call, put the white plastic bags and loaded large sums of money gap checkbook, stamps and other plug in a black purse to hand on the car after the luggage cover, take calls on driving down the road, about 1 km away she thought, and quickly look at parking, but the bag had dropped, and immediately go back that way for, nor received, rushed to the nearby Zhongshan local police station.
Police officers immediately drove down the road with her bike back and forth looking for, ask,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], no one saw the lost property; to women disappointed in the forest back to the police station, tears almost came out Biao, Yang Huang picked up large sums of money, accompanied by his son Peony , the first step of the money sent to, forest inventory female cried after money, she said: red envelope to the Young Women, Young turned down the spot and said: 3,000 out of cram, Yang woman took it.
Young Women to the police that she finished the morning to the markets closed cartons,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], on her way home found a black bag, opened it again and again that there are a thousand bills Diego, so much money, very nervous, for fear that counterfeit money, fear of being greedy taken away before they can take home. more money terrified. , the missing person must be very anxious, not the number of money, I'll ride the bag containing her mother to the police station claiming. claim lost property, the picker may request payment. but shall not exceed the value of its physical property three tenths.
Young women and three children live with two daughters of about the 2 million salary, the son of odd jobs, a family monthly income of more than 50,000 yuan. Media estimates, Young women picked up 1.1 million yuan, a man without food or drink to work 1 year and 10 months to make available, even if the claims paid 330,000 yuan according to the law, but also family income of about half a year.
woman: doing good just peace of mind

Young women, however, said: money, people, and doing good deeds will be peace of mind. Young women refuse to lure large sums of money, especially valuable.
this, Daren Kaohsiung Institute of Technology Research Center, Family and Marriage yellow roses that older people believe upper body,
Global Education Center, University of Technology, Associate Professor of European reverence that the lady may not be what is education, but it highlights the moral values of the older generation of people's minds.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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