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Companies reward employees 40 years of Mercedes-Be

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PostWysłany: Nie 12:12, 09 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Companies reward employees 40 years of Mercedes-Be

Mercedes-Benz Award for BMW (Image by hosting the annual meeting of the companies)

end of the year, many companies will be the ongoing annual gathering, some people started gathering at the sun in the online prize, Grand Prize MACBOOK , first prize iphone4 ... ... so that everyone is surprising is that there are friends who said he had a Mercedes-Benz Award at the annual meeting.
reporters after various contact and, after contact to send the prizes that the company is Commodity Co., Ltd. Ningbo, whose son, late last year, the company quietly under the package in Hangzhou Huanglong Sports Centre, organized a grand Annual Meeting,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], attend the annual meeting of a thousand people, dressed in suits, with admission tickets printed with the security code. The most shocking is that the company's prize is 40 luxury cars.
that the company will in the end how the annual Cattle? Yesterday, the reporter linked to the company's vice president of Operations, Shi Guanghui.
40 Mercedes-Benz BMW do prizes

annual open day, 40 luxury cars parked in the order of the venue to the Huanglong Sports Center: 26 Mercedes-Benz, BMW 14, attracted a lot of pedestrians to gather around.
value of more than 40 million each, is awarded to the outstanding performance of staff. When the golden light shining ho handed the car keys in the hands of the winners, the hall's atmosphere boiling.
package under the Hangzhou Dragon Stadium

this annual meeting, the organizers package under the Huanglong Stadium, becoming the largest stadium in the province,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], held the largest number of the General Assembly, however , we can not accommodate the employee to attend the annual meeting. As a result, the company has added Hangzhou Huanglong Sports Centre Badminton Hall and two at the venue, with the satellite will be simultaneously broadcast live over the years.
3 plus one floor to accommodate the 12,000 people that night, Huanglong around the hotel, all were full.
charitable donation at paragraph 1.5 million

at the annual meeting, the company made a bonus not only to staff, patients with congenital heart disease has brought back hope. The company set up a charity fund, donated 1.5 million yuan initial donations.
This money is mainly used to help children suffering from congenital heart disease.
spent on a total of 23 million

the company's annual meeting, light on the money spent on prizes are 16 million,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], In addition, seven thousand seven hundred eighty-eight also spent seven million : Please Tian Zhen to concert, appearance fees 460,000; also invited to host Wang Han, appearance fees, 30 million; venue costs, performances spent a total of 4.4 million; winning Baochibaozhu personnel costs and travel expenses, nearly 600 people, are five-star hotel living, spent a total of more than 200 million; there are bike satellite synchronized car, spent more than 30 million.

so amply rewarded Exceeding?
someone has to ask, you put forward a annual meeting, get such a great show and spent 23 million, so after a point is not rewarded? Operations of the company's deputy general manager Shi Guanghui agree with, he said: \After the sales staff can be stimulated 3 to 5 months of sales of energy. In the years will not even before the start of our sales is 80 million yuan a month, after the annual meeting, performance will increase more than twice. \, be carried out even on such a large scale, significant effect, allowing them to obtain spiritual power, he witnessed the others in the harvested material, but also believe that they can to get this honor.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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