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Man stabbed to death after a lapse of 71 years 33

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PostWysłany: Pon 22:01, 24 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Man stabbed to death after a lapse of 71 years 33

Today was a loss of cannery where. Quarters have been dilapidated, and around the city some do not take. (WENG Huan / Chart)
Lin Yuntao father photos.
Lin family tried to find people signed a letter, hoping for revenge Lin Yuntao spared. (WENG Huan / Chart)

old boy's Revenge

Southern Weekend reporter intern Fan Chenggang Zhou Hualei Source: Southern Weekend

although that's never been real for him before, but the revolutionary agitation of the true feelings are. The next generation of drinking wolf's milk, and ultimately become the executioners

71 years old, one of the most inoffensive age, Yuan Weng murdered.
2010 年 11 13, Hanjiang District, Putian, Fujian Province. Am, Board dispersed, the old man threw home.
an hour later, a work of the hotel staff, in the moonlight, saw the old man down the road, was a
news spread, canned food factory kept the old people.
Today, the canning factory, which is lost. Factory went bankrupt, some retired workers also stay here. Tea, mahjong parlors, markets, their spiritual life and material life is all about.
the circle of life man, going around this palm is also not the place out.
first, people think it is a thief Wazi dry. Security is very bad here, experts of the total out of the thief. Was a warmhearted man, get up at night for several days as a volunteer community patrol; It was also suspected to be the man's son. Since the second man married a former child with his ex-wife, cut off contact for many years.
the final mystery revealed, but it is never thought of all -

killer Linyun Tao, canning factory, laid-off workers, a long stubble and swollen upper eyelid with the middle-aged men.
thirty years, from childhood to middle age, he has been plotting revenge to that era no longer exist.
people killed my father

father lying flat on the ground, around the neck of Le Hen Zihei ... ...

canning factory to the southeast forty kilometers, is a village in Putian Xiuyu the stream. In 1970, Lin Yuntao was born here.
mother is illiterate rural women, the father Lin Jianyang is a naive city people, canning factory in Putian, when state-owned instruments.
father rarely go home until the autumn day in 1977. That day, the stream behind the village cottage garden dam brigade, swarthy all people. Lin Yuntao got into the crowd and saw my father lying flat on the ground, around the neck of Le Hen Zihei ... ... Father's appearance made him tremble, upper and lower teeth giggle collision.
This is the image of his father after the two poles like fire and ice. Previously, he was student, Communist Vietnam War soldier, state-owned canning factory instruments, promising; now, he is a corpse, the glory of ashes.
not believe Lin Jianyang is suicide. He is a hard bone of the demobilized soldiers, a few days ago, the factory was unable to withstand the criticism of suicide, he was feeling too silly to others.
Lin Jianyang died for no apparent reason, canning factory, said he committed suicide, the villagers are not convinced. Lin gathered a few dozen relatives, almost to the county to raise the dead downtown. , There will still barefoot doctor made the autopsy report, ruled a homicide.
ultimately, are nothing.
1981, the Lin Yuntao make members into the canning factory in Putian City, when the workers. At that time he never graduated from second grade, or a silly baby rural.
make members the opportunity to petition the family were the result of four years. Every day they write to redress a decade, at least more than 500 letters sent, or even sent to the central leadership. The feedback is: alimony 606 yuan, 90 yuan funeral expenses, and a canning factory staff complement of places.
Lin family since then understand,
number of over a thousand canned food factory, 11-year-old Lin Yuntao all smaller than a big cut out. Factory to open the back door, put his age up residence on a 5-year-old Tim.
into the plant, he sought to sweep away the fog of his father committed suicide. He saw that his father to join the dark mouth of the machine drilling. I heard my father because he had offended the red camp was thrown into the well after strangulation.
factory enemy who quietly told him the name of Killing Father: Huang Wen-Mei, Fuyu Bing (voice), Weng yuan. They are active members of Red Faction.
It was the first time he heard the name of Yung Yuan, in childhood.
revolution at the end

of people or in conflict with the enemy in front of everything. Thus, Lin Jianyang was murdered, it must have been killed by the red faction.
Red Faction, revolution, these key words in 70 eyes after the Lin Yuntao than the Vietnam war is far from his father.
1966, the revolutionary enthusiasm swept through the town. Mao called on Rapid stand in the Hanjiang: Red Faction and the New School, do not want to stand in is called Happy Father Lin Jianyang is sent.
first Red Faction royalists new breed of rebels, the same political views is gay, and later became two sets of human life and death. Resorting to violence when the most powerful, street gun battle moves. Hanjiang alone, resorting to violence more than 23 deaths, no statistical canning factory of death.
1977, the smashed the Gang of Four, Red Faction came to power.
on top of that,
into those from the workshop, bath room renovation isolation review, follow-up to the camp is no different. Today, no living person has come to say, that members of the class of what happened during the Cultural Revolution.
In short, the class was his head with stones Bash, suicide attempts, it was the torn quilt hanging in the dormitory section, the most strange is that optimists Lin Jianyang also died in the well.
people are more willing to believe,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Lin was murdered.
Lin Yuntao into the plant staff complement in the production step by step in the smell of the
of people or in conflict with the enemy in front of everything.
Thus, Lin Jianyang was murdered, it must have been killed by the red faction. In Lin Yuntao appears this is not sensible child, whether he is red is not red, but the injustice has a head, debt has a master. Huang enemies have targeted the United States, Fuyu Bing and Weng yuan. They are most active in the Red Faction is a revolution in power.
in particular, brought many people to hate Yuan Weng, said he jumped about not doing a good thing, typical of the opportunity to molecules, the whole thing of people no less dry.
there is other evidence, yuan Weng Lin Jianyang have been revealed, said he was grounding foul. Yuan Weng offended since. The Lions can not afford to offend in that time is.
more hearsay
example, Weng Yuan singing, speech, him, People say, Lin Jianyang manifestation of the.
later, the red style sub Fuyu Bing died of drowning. When the body is found, a straw hat Shengle in the neck. More rumors, Lin Jianyang in revenge.
That was the People gradually entangled in the bitter events of the past do not want a few years, living mostly vindicated, for a promotion, they will not mention it necessary. Could no longer remember.
and Lin Jianyang's
They repeatedly said that if Lin Jianyang still, at least cadres above the county level!
many years past, although the scars never fade away, but big business as the decade of the 80s, in the food and clothing in the
new culvert Avenue 438, Lin Yuntao is already a father of two children. He did auto repair workers, nothing more than a day to work overtime, with children. He never mentioned his father do to his wife. His father stood only when the wallet's three-inch photos, go hand in hand. He is like Lin Jianyang, long face, big guy.
wife wondered, Lin Yuntao love to, and the older people, particularly with the master and canning plant, a pot of tea and talk about canning factory in the past the people and things, to have a leisurely morning. He said that people only talk about money, and because of who their peers, boring.
most of the time, Lin Yuntao man of few words, rarely mentioned his father. A tired look, the day telling a tale. Perhaps only a moment, to stimulate his adrenal hormone secretion.
Hanjiang small, Qiguaibaguai always meet familiar faces. Linyun Tao Yuan Weng remember all bump into each heart beat, sweaty palms. He stared Dion, but he always felt Weng dodge, do not ever see his eyes out. This strengthened his heart,
30 years, they did not say a word. The new century, a large state-owned canneries increasingly to depression, a large number of workers unpaid leave of absence.
Weng element is left in the old one. At that time, shine canning factory in Fujian Province, also exports to Western Europe Canned loquat; and now, the old man caught up in this life.
most young people will not see something to look forward, one after another to leave. Including 25-year-old Lin Yuntao.
soon he was married, when the door son. Fujian men, married into is not brilliant. Hanjiang, focusing instead on his hardware and building materials to do business at a loss. Also tried to go out to Wuhan, Tianjin, work, and tired to come back.
life or stand still, even in decline. Today, people are making a fortune to go around, he or workers, earning three or four thousand a month's wages.
his father's death, could not escape the fate of their home.
Linyun Tao's growth history, the most frequently mentioned are the No father, the village children bully him; 11 years into the canning factory, workers bullied him. He did not dare fight back, did not dare say a word.
grow up, childhood
Lin three siblings, sister, rural women, an unexpected break the spine, paralyzed from the rusted wheelchair; sister did not go to school, year round working in Guangdong.
Lin Yuntao tried to hold up the house. But he often felt invisible powers and surrounded by strife: precarious work, high prices, the cost of education of two children ... ... occasionally he was drunk to the sister phone, talking about my father, and divided the house and said was said to cry.
these years, They repeatedly said that if Lin Jianyang still, at least cadres above the county level!
However, Lin Jianyang died in the
2005 years, as Feng Shui, Lin Jianyang moved to the tomb. Ceremony, Lin Lin Jianyang the rot family to see bone black, push hard on the ashes of the. This is Lin Yuntao eyes, the father does not rest in peace.
an idea in an increasingly restoration. It was Lin Yuntao library cannery read about Wu's revenge. Spring and Autumn Period, the king of Wu father and brother were killed, fled to Wu, the Wu by the power of Wu avenge their dead when the king Ping of Chu, .
do not get involved, I'm afraid there is no chance

... ... Evaluation of his leadership is not high: the mouth grease.
Millennium Town, Hanjiang, Hanjiang District, Putian City is now, and it has the Chinese side of all the thousands of small cities, KFC, petrol stations, real estate. Your name from those magnificent, the desire to see this city: Shangri-La Casino, Crown Hotel, with stretches of bank. Canning factory in the small town of Dongbei Yu, waiting for the reconstruction of old city, then a new life. Factory gate concrete wall around the circle, when the avalanche of slogans and posters, are the theoretical positions. Now the slogan is still menacing -
Weng Yun Seventy-one years old this year, and his voice is also big, body bone is not bad. Second marriage no heirs. Pointing to a monthly pension of more than a thousand live.
he has the habit of clipping newspapers, coincides with the important instructions of the central authorities, such as the Recently to catch up with the sixth census, he volunteered as staff, the door every day to go door to door to Cha Hukou.
man who loved to play cards for money, this is the eyes of his family, only bad habits. He bet too low, everyone around him laugh he is Board at the gates of the two is often one of the canning factory were laid off on the young couple opened.
Weng per the original trajectory of life should be - playing cards, go home to sleep the next day to continue to participate in the sixth national census, and tighten their belts in the day. But on Nov. 13, all were terminated.
Feng Ling Hotel, when Lin Yuntao finished the last one Budweiser beer, when asked to join Board, Weng element and did not care. He may recall that at noon the day before yesterday to buy the cabbage rose to a five, but thirty years ago, things, to him, the veterans of the canning factory is concerned, are blurred.
until dark in a narrow way, he encountered a knife Lin Yuntao.
Linyun Tao Weng run into unexpected element in the hotel. Not seen for many years, enemies look young again, Energetic; but the father, at the moment but it is a package of ground black bones.
he plans to get married with other children find Weng afterwards. That day he tried to give his alcoholism. He thought the United States die of old age Huang, Fu Yubing violent death, Yuan Weng seventies, do not get involved, I'm afraid there is no chance.
Board out of the way from the long thin, very quiet at night, he walked convenience store. He stole the red-edged scissors, do the belts on.
an hour later, a pair of scissors stabbing by Weng Yunrong neck. He remembered his father's Le Hen neck.
According to Lin Yuntao confession, stabbed, he asked Dion: I am a single person ... ... He is stronger yuan Luantong toward Weng, until motionless.
throw scissors. Home, he did not sleep as many days as drowsiness. The next day the parents forum. To sleep. Sleep until five pm to call the police, informing him of the last trip.
he thought, Xiao-ah, just them, so, take the life of four-year-old arrived in seven-year-old's life, worth it?
Lin Yuntao awaiting trial in detention centers in the days, the city of Putian is aggressively
characters logged out until a local newspaper, there seems to really have such a bitter child. But they are not very concerned about the non-parents decades ago.
get together and play cards, drink tea time, when the old people involved in this disaster will be played on this bizarre case of revenge for comment.
Some said that her children filial ah, just them, so, take the life of four-year-old arrived in seven-year-old's life, worth it?
Some people say that is definitely new style was instigated, encouraged him to go off to. Back one step, even if the Lions really harm his father, he should not kill us that this is the rule of law, should trust the government, through legal channels to solve the problem.
Some people say that this is a nobody knows for sure, never mind, Blame the
also limited discussion of canneries. Out of the canning factory, but no one cares, but is a social news decorate the newspaper, these days, and then a sensational story, it was no cause for concern about five minutes.
so, as an endless cycle, only two of the tangled forest Weng. Dion has a very strong family attitude: The Lin Yuntao spared existing fingerprint signatures cover 39.
winter solstice, the shop is more desolate than before the end of the community. Some elderly people no longer go out, stay home. Some cards take over Weng per child,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in the four-friendly house under the watchful eye of Chairman Mao, another round from the crashed rub mahjong.
like a cold air southward through the canning factory, it is generally just shuddered.
abducted by a vicious fate

of: the Southern Weekend reporter Zhou Hualei Source: Southern Weekend

Reporter Notes】

grille bar The Lin Yuntao did not say much, back arched, very chaotic look. The slow response of most of the problems he and barbarous to answer,
40 years ago, Lin Yuntao was born in coastal Fujian in a rural Catholic. Although it inherited the many Catholic rituals, confession, wearing the cross section of spirits grave, but this is the only body. Most men and women of this generation will not believe it.
Lin chose the killings. Lin Yuntao do not understand the His father is a new breed of even confused or what to send. Feng Jicai in 1996 wrote, Broken up by numerous. Linyun Tao is one of them, but it is the most extreme one.
slowly healing the wounds of others,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then all the way to his wounds fester.
Lin tried to rely on the law of justice, but just by a few old man's collective memory and the village barefoot doctors Zhengfeng Long page handwritten autopsy report, and always insufficient evidence. Some of the red faction then denied, and some die, some will continue to be silent till I die

of legal recourse now is over 20 years, Lin Jianyang's death has become a one to nothing in the pending cases.
one to three years of physical time, but Lin Yuntao psychological time still remain in the year-old witnessed the death of his father. As precisely as a scalpel he described the scene. For several years he went out to work, no longer thought of his father's death. But when he returned frustrated, can this city into the Hanjiang, all the anger they are back. Squeeze all the real pressure on him. The more unbearable, the more he missed his father passing away.
criminal law experts Ruanqi Lin Lin Yuntao a similar experience with his father also died of the He understood that era, people like crazy. Tread the years, he saw the river upstream to a dead body floated like a leaf drifting to. Over the years, Ruan Qilin not realized that the father's loss and suffering. Many people like him, came through.
alone Lin Yuntao overwhelmed by grief. He raised his knife lynchings, executions of Now, turn on the Lin Weng said: Sharenchangming.
a function of the criminal law is to stop revenge. If past years when a special criminal law does not apply, so now, a fair trial will be the end of retribution.
Ruan Qilin that patients in the Lin Yuntao not imaginary, and killed many people think that Yuan Weng Lin Jianyang the premise, Lin Yuntao the motive for the crime is not bad, with Ke Kuanshu nature, may be appropriate to reduce the sentence.
some of the old canning factory staff also signed a letter requesting clemency.
his mother, the village remaining Catholics again and again to find the priest in the Hanjiang confession, we pray that the drum Ah Tao released early.
Putian City, the first detention center, Lin Yuntao'd see very open, I thought even if not die, it can not get out. The task in the transformation to the new shoes, shoelaces. He felt that nothing bad, just like in the inside, like in the factory,
only concern is the children. He was afraid the child's classmates know that they go to jail, try to bully them. He also wrote postcards to family detention center. He wrote to his wife,
twenty days ago, he had a dream. Themselves in a barren dream, go where all the coffin containing the dead, know and do not know. He felt vaguely uneasy. Later, the He had just let go.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

After the two men murdered 50 million robbery was

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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