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Patch 3.3 Icecrown Citadel raid boss information a

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PostWysłany: Pon 9:12, 23 Maj 2011    Temat postu: Patch 3.3 Icecrown Citadel raid boss information a

Patch 3.3 is out,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! With the release of Icecrown, aims to help prepare you with the long journey through the Frozen Throne. In this post, you'll find general information about the various bosses along with the strategies to take them down.
There are 13 bosses in Icecrown. The first four bosses in the Lower Spire will be accessible the moment the patch goes live. The rest of the instance will gradually open up later on. Certain encounters will have limited attempts, but you won't have to worry about them later on.
Lastly, attunements are not required to enter Icecrown Citadel on normal mode.
Here's the full list of bosses that will be within Icecrown. Not all of them will be immediately available. Keep reading for a quick encounter breakdown along with links to additional resources.
The Lower Spire
Lord Marrowgar Lady Deathwhisper Icecrown Gunship Battle Deathbringer SaurfangPlagueworks
Rotface Festergut Professor PutricideCrimson Hall
Blood Princees Council Blood-Queen Lana'thelFrostwing Halls
Valithria Dreamwalker SindragosaThe Frozen Throne
Lich king* * = No Information Available
Lord MarrowgarAfter wading through various skeletons of all sizes, you'll come across this giant cacophony of floating bones. This introductory boss will set the tone for the rest of the instance. Yeah he's the first boss and all that, but don't take him lightly.
Breakdown: Marrowgar is a two phase encounter. Consider it a tank and spank fight. You'll need 3 tanks to equally distribute his Saber Lash. Watch out for the Coldflames and Bone Spike Graveyards,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! Coldflames will have to be dodged as the lines streak toward players. Players who are hit with a Bone Spike will need to be broken out of by other players as they will be unable to move (and the impaled player loses 10% of their health every second). On the second phase of Marrowgar, turn tail and run like a mad man to avoid Bone Storm! If you get drilled, you'll be bleeding out for the next 15 seconds. Once the Bone Storm phase is over,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it's back to phase 1 and avoiding Coldflames.
Pro tip: Melee players can avoid fires if they stand within his hit box.
Additional information impressions Stratfu: Videos and detailed strategy WoWWiki MMO Champion: Known Marrowgar 25 man and 10 man loot
Lady DeathwhisperYou'll approach Lady Deathwhisper in a chamber wow gold behind where your raid took down Lord Marrowgar. All I can say is she looks kind of Lich-y. For the lore junkies, Lady Deathwhisper is also the Supreme Overseer of the Cult of the Damned.
Breakdown: Veterans of the game will remember Mu'ru and that's what the fight will be like in a nutshell.
Phase 1: Lady Deathwhisper starts the fight as immobile with a Mana Shield surrounding her. Your goal is to break open her Mana Shield. At this time, various mobs will spawn on both sides of the room and start attacking the raid. Cult Adherents are immune to magical damage (so assign melee onto them) but they can be Shackled. The rest of the adds will need to be grabbed by tanks and AoE'd down. If there is no trash to worry about, focus back on Lady Deathwhisper and break her shield down.
Other abilities by Deathwhisper include Death and Decay (it's bright green) and Mind Control (Polymorph them).
Phase 2: This phase begins when her Mana Shield is broken. At this point, Lady Deathwhisper is now free and can be picked up by a tank. Be careful as the tank is going to get blasted by an extremely powerful Frostbolt which can be interrupted. Other tanks will need to be careful and be prepared to switch as Touch of Insignificance will drop the current tank's threat.
Watch out for Vengeful Spirits that will spawn and chase random players around. If they catch up to them, they will explode and deal potentially lethal damage.
Pro tip: Ranged players can interrupt Frostbolt if there's a Death and Decay on top of Lady Deathwhisper.
Additional information
Stratfu: Videos and detailed strategy WoWWiki: Overview MMO Champion: Known Deathwhisper 25 man and 10 man loot
Icecrown Gunship BattleOf all the encounters available, this is by far a personal favourite of mine. Vehicular mechanics come into play here again except players won't exactly be driving or flying anything. Some of your raiders will need to man the guns. The objective here is to shoot down the opposing gunship from the sky as you break for the upper levels of Icecrown Citadel.
Breakdown: The Skybreaker and Orgrim's Hammer will be squaring off in an aerial dual. Your gunship will have several deck guns that can be controlled by a few members of your raid. The gunners need to open fire on the opposing gunship.
At the same time, the opposing faction will have their own mages that will encase your guns in blocks of ice rendering them unable to fire. It's up to you to send a strike team over with equippable jet packs (they're shirts) to shut down the mages. Take out their Rocketeers as they're the ones that will be returning fire with their own rockets on to your gunship.
Not only that, your ship will be boarded by opposing faction forces and they have to be cleared out by the group of players that are holding down the fort.
Pro tip: The guys that board your ship do a Bladestorm. Keep some ranged close by and make sure these guys get tanked away as they can demolish a raid pretty quickly.
Additional information impressions Stratfu: Videos and detailed strategy WoWWiki MMO Champion: Known Gunship 25 man and 10 man loot
Deathbringer SaurfangOnce you've shot down the other faction's gunship, the doors to the upper levels will open and Deathbringer Saurfang will emerge. He has been reincarnated as one of Arthas' servants and stands between your raid and the rest of the instance. All those legends and myths you've heard about him?
They're true.
Breakdown: Jokes aside, contrary to popular legend, he is defeatable.
The Deathbringer will gain something called Blood Power through a number of mechanics. Ranged players need to spread out due to an AoE he does called Blood Nova. Saurfang gains 2 Blood Power per person affected by it.
Your tanks will need to taunt off each other the moment the current one gains Rune of Blood. Otherwise, Saurfang will continue gaining Blood Power per melee hit on the player affected by Rune of Blood.
He summons Blood Beasts and every melee hit they perform results in a gain of 3 Blood Power. This is every melee hit per Blood Beast. These guys need to be kited and DPS'd. Your job is to destroy them before they can hit the player who has threat on them. Use whatever you can to freeze them in place or slow them down. Knock back effects like Thunderstorm or Typhoon will do the job.
Additional information impressions Stratfu: Videos and detailed strategy WoWWiki MMO Champion: Known Saurfang 25 man and 10 man lootMore bosses will be added as they become released for players to experience.
RotfaceThis guy is supposed to be the next generation abomination. I think Professor Putricide did a pretty good job with him. You'll come across him in the Plagueworks wing along with Festergut and Professor Putricide.
Breakdown: Keep this conglomeration of flesh and parts tanked in the middle of the room. He is going to do an ability called Slime Spray which will fire out nature damage in a conical direction. This is why you want you want Rotface in the middle so that your raid can simply jump back and forth on either side of him.
Players will be affected with a Mutated Infection which causes them to take damage and reduces their healing received. After the infection wears off, it creates a small ooze at their location. When a little ooze merges with another ooze it becomes (surprise) big ooze. As the ooze's continue to merge into big ooze, the off tank has to kite them around the room without coming into contact with the big ooze.
Speaking of the off tank, they need to watch out for the Ooze Flood that will kick in on the outside of the circular room and to be sure they're not kiting into them.
Additional information
Stratfu: Videos and detailed strategy WoWWiki WoW Head MMO Champion: Known 25 man and 10 man loot
FestergutI guess Festergut would be Rotface's brother. He's a different shade but it doesn't make him any less gross looking. Bring your gas masks as there's going to be a whole lot of flatulence flying around.
Breakdown: Like his brother, you'll want to keep him centered in the room. 2 players will be given a mark and the rest of the raid needs to make sure they are within proximity of the player with it. The player with the mark is going to explode but provide an Innoculation buff which becomes important later. Once your raid is completely inoculated, after 3 of those, he's going to release all the gas he inhaled dealing an enormous amount of damage. Your inoculation should help mitigate most of this damage. This is a high DPS burn fight.
Additional information impressions Stratfu: Videos and detailed strategy WoWWiki MMO Champion: Known 25 man and 10 man loot WoWHead
Professor PutricideThe father of abominations, you can bet the Professor won't be happy after you trash his two creations. There isn't much in the way of solid information or videos on the encounter. It's not going to help that your raid group will have only ten attempts to work on him before buy wow gold he despawns for the week. You can bet that this fight has something to do with gasses and oozes.
Breakdown: The key to the encounter is the player who drinks one of Putricide's experimental potions and gets to become a Mutated Abomination. It is entirely their job to manage the various slimes and oozes. Professor Putricide is going to spawn them and the Mutated Abomination needs to gobble them up because it gives them energy and keeps the raid area clear. The Abomination gets another ability which slows its target down and places a DoT effect (which should be used on gas clouds). The final ability is called Mutated Slash which lowers Putricides physical damage resistance by 20% it has stacked 5 times. Be sure to refresh it as it only lasts 20 seconds.
Be careful. Having the big guy around means the raid won't be able to stand his stench and will suffer damage every few seconds (under 5k).
At the same time,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], gas clouds will appear and pursue a player. The Abomination needs to slow it down and ranged players must focus fire it before it catches up to the targeted player. If the player gets reached by the gas cloud,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it will explode and deal damage based on the number of stacks on the bloat.
Other abilities
Stay away from Choking Gas Bombs (orange test tubes).
The abomination needs to eat Expanding Ooze to prevent it from overwhelming the raid.
Malleable Goo will be thrown randomly towards a player. These are easily avoidable. If you see an object come flying in your direction, move away from it.
This is going to be fairly complicated the first few times your raid begins. Go through it slowly and analyze each wipe. Take it step by step because you only have ten attempts. Use them well!
Additional information
Stratfu: Videos world of warcraft gold and detailed strategy WoWWiki WoWHead

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