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several big mis-understandings of playing as Range

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Dołączył: 26 Paź 2010
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PostWysłany: Śro 9:10, 09 Lut 2011    Temat postu: several big mis-understandings of playing as Range

several big mis-understandings of playing as Ranger 2009-09-08
Concise. I also play the bow. 45 Centurion set. Jewelry 10-fu. 5 with the deadly attack on a key 15. Shoe 85 the lives of six stones. Here me say that our misunderstanding of the bow. Aion CD key, Aion Account

A bow is the sky dancers. This is probably only suitable for play forts. Single-P, then no effect will be waiting for signs noose die. Control skills also just a handful. CD is also relatively long. Recent often seen fortress inserted flag. Bow to the guard. Bow Operation Good point. Guardian of the absolute Meisha put the question. But the guardian of a fly. Of the Mozhe. Aion Kinah, Aion powerlevel

2 bow ran fast. May be playing days 2 and other games brought in error. Detection of high agility. Move fast. In fact, AION set the basic speed for each job are the same. You wear running shoes, wearing a guard and you move as well. AION is not here to consider the weight of metal. The stick game called on the masterpiece. Ignore the details. Some people say that after the bow Bianshen speed. Brother. This is the skill ah. Then I said guard to open sprint it. Some people want to bickering,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and sprint is only 10 seconds. You then have two minutes it. Then I said to kill Star to open Rush do? How long is it? Aion CD key, Aion Account

3 Bow to kill the wild melee when placed on the elite. Field? Han field depends on it? I believe that the words of the enemy tribe to kill all 45. And killing people in 40 + bar. Low-level not OBS. The Earth to know. Unless you pleasure just to that point. But now you have the opportunity to find pleasure also Mosha. Aion Timecard,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 30 where the basic lack of personnel. Also places more than 40 levels of a few people can see, I Mozu. We all go to the village killed someone in particular bar. Entrance to the village you go to put a level with your equipment, then a guardian or a sword-end try. Package you are strange killed. Guard against two people chasing you play Meisha feel strange. You are strange eye on. Touch you click on you that some blood. That point on your F. Aion Timecard, Taste feel good bar. Do not I bovine B. Will not be pulled blame. Would like to fly a kite,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it is necessary Paowei. To Paowei should stay away from the enemy. Away from the enemy. Is not so easy to cut off from the strange. [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Aion powerlevel

4 grams Modao bow. . . This was spread before or large. , And now probably does not much bar. Since you master available online too: "play bow with Modao have to beat No. advise you to delete Bar" after the slogan. Must have also been abused Modao bar. Mo Dao friends read these posts. Aion Timecard, In the light of their own personal experience after. Studied a lot of ways. Xue Mo. Is an example. Starting Hand distorted. Also prompt a lot of control skills. You silence He also silent. Fire cage grams will flash. Strike output instability, bad luck can not shield were broken. How do you specifically ask to play Modao. Aion CD key, Aion Account

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