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ugg ultra tall 5245 From the belle stars

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PostWysłany: Wto 19:26, 01 Mar 2011    Temat postu: ugg ultra tall 5245 From the belle stars

However, if back to 71 years ago, China photography shop window, put the is another kind of different styles of photos. Photo is a beautiful woman,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], her or wearing peony pattern, or a suit of qipao dress, or local people dressing or white dress.
At the time, the name of the Hong Kong movie star ChenYunChang, starring movie "mulan advancement" in Shanghai hot foil. This is China's first ancient war epic. Allegedly, then at beach if you don't know ChenYunChang, could be considered peasant.
China photography studio got film still sole on. When you buy one, it also presents 20 inches photograph colored.
The marketing means a great success. Within six months, ChenYunChang the still of publishing more than 5 million copies. Every day there are many specialized running quiet&calm temple road, watching China photography shop window of the poster.
This benefits from the boss WuJianBing of business savvy. He was a well-known photography studio in Shanghai another king,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then open photography studio apprentice with his wife's dowry opened China photography studio. In 1937, the staff shortage of 10 people photography studio in Shanghai jing an temple road (instead of nanjing road) 88 after opening.
Now 86 XuSongYan is China that year apprenticeship. The photography studio Sitting in their own homes, the hair is turning gray old man recalls, wu boss management is very strict, glass with alcohol rubbed "old light old bright". As a scholar, he each month of wages only three dollars.
When 1945 victory in the Anti-Japanese War, China photography shop window, again, put up American g.i. photos.
At this time, WuJianBing gone, the wife of shop-owner HeDingYi again caught another business opportunities. She will be in Shanghai Japanese counterparts in Fuji plane and inventory buyout wrinkly paper, until the battlefield for Asia in U.S. marines in Shanghai on the shore,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and make a fortune. It is said that each day receive more than 100 people, each each photo printing six pictures, charge $5.
Arrived in 1956 public private partnership, China photography studio of turnover of more than 3 other large-scale photography studio light arts, international and datong combined.
However, this paragraph of Shanghai history in the year ended on May 29. This day, China photography shop all equipment, as well as the backbone personnel 18 people, all moved to Beijing, instead of state-owned properties by private. Placard instead of "Shanghai jing China photography studio", removed before 4 words put a smaller, till the "cultural revolution" only after removed.
"Listing on that day, the store all people cry." XuSongYan tremble wei said. He is Shanghai jing employees in exile, at present the only JianZaiZhe.
Now think is impossible, a country's prime minister didn't say hello, just take two people to take photos
Anyway, in the window that zhang zhou enlai photos, come some accident.
December 1956 a Sunday, China photography studio manager by just is giving a yao soldiers with his secretary zhou enlai photos, and guards suddenly came in.
When all our customers are very surprised, the soldiers stood up quickly, and hope to salute first as prime minister. But zhou enlai still patiently offered to first come, first served.
Now, at the Beijing museum nearby a 40 square metre room, time seems to 54 years ago stopped. Zhou enlai that sat, woodiness is put in the center, bench for his shooting German machine and put one horn, this heavy big guy top still have a piece of red cloth, flank is a small black ball, equivalent to shutter function.
Because zhou enlai face founder, two buccal wider, photographers ZhangKongJia in facial ministry consumed on the one hand outstanding right cheek positive sunshine, on the other hand, deepen the silhouette of the left cheek, to enhance the prime minister facial ministry skin stereo feeling, in order to achieve jiongjiongweishen eyes, look fortitude handsome effect.
Even when repairing version of the machines also intact and different degree of pencil according to order is placed above. At that time the 33-year-old yao only altogether as prime minister took 16 slides bust or systemic photos. Finally, zhou enlai chose one of negative, further entrust China photography shop repair edition.
As film version of ace repair ZhangKongJia, responsible for weeks of photos fix edition. Allegedly, zhou enlai day wear originally is a light color shirt, he specialized hewed a black ZhongShanZhuang. Meanwhile,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he is also responsible for some of the zhou enlai facial senile plaques removed.
"Want to real primarily, impossible to get wrinkles give completely erase." YaoJianZhong explained. He is the youngest son, only yao now occupies China photography studio fengtai 131 manager.
He thinks, prompting zhou enlai choose China photography studio, should be here at the technical level,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], "Beijing's all special soil, Shanghai to brim." Finally,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this piece of several setbacks, the film is developing into 100 pieces of 8 inch photos, zhou enlai accompanied the 5 countries of Latin America on a tour. When yao by just also specially developed four tickets to 12 inches to zhou enlai, unexpectedly, zhou enlai also sent for the four photo money sent over.
When Chou en-lai, died in 1976, lai said China photography studio of this piece of standard is her husband was the most satisfaction according to the pictures and took this as framed photos photos.
Today, standing in this crude China photography studio museum, SunXiuZhen plaint saying, "now consider is impossible, a country's prime minister didn't say hello, just take two people to take photos."
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