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uggs kopen Edited by

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PostWysłany: Wto 13:08, 01 Lut 2011    Temat postu: uggs kopen Edited by

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Sometimes haunt your mind and tell you the idea stuck in the press,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it is difficult to get out. Encounter this situation. Read the full grasp of editors based on elements of news articles, journalists should take the initiative out of the box thinking, standing height,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with the objective of holistic way of thinking, this will become clear there is a sense of change from manuscript to control nature, magic touch. As the quality of the different reporters. Different choices of news value, have written the manuscript is often uneven. Some articles or facts are unclear or does not observe the perspective of life, there's deep enough, a lot of time editing applications can be a matter of course the hands of a special However, sometimes the result of this missing or lost some very good social news clips and clues. At this time. Editing can make myself for this (class) view of the potential value of articles, ideas conveyed to the press,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so that they have written again from another angle, this is turning waste into wealth, so to be Sometimes, the reporter implied in the manuscript itself is not enough news value of the excavation, have written naturally in place, although they may be made,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but sent out and the reader would inevitably have a sense of not quench. Editors should play to their strengths,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to guide and assist the press to complete a twist of chewing relish the good news. Highlighting local sublimation so-called The title is the news of the eyes, it's the most simple and concise text will be the most valuable news, tips the contents of the most vivid to the reader. Today, the production of good news headlines, has become a large news media to enhance the competitiveness of an important bargaining chip. Is also consistent direction for news editors. The title will make a plain wonderful news immediately chromophore, so good news icing on the cake, often gives a finishing touch to the head start the better. Problem is half the text, in the phrase. Dalian Imagine if the replaced <KFC does not buy Dalian corn), to talk about peace not surprising. Effects much worse. While the title seeks to make vivid. It should be defined accurately, failing that, at worst will come up with some jokes, a serious big mistake. Was <Beijing Evening News) to As <Beijing Evening News) reported that the . But the title came out sensational social sensation caused by both the editors probably expected, but also the unexpected. Obviously, the system �� Chen Ping Wang Jianan for the purpose of this title is simply to gain attention and appetite of the reader hanging a hanging. However, people like the actual results Quefei counterproductive, published reports, the public outcry, have condemned the blind Searching for irresponsible behavior. Heart, not feet. Deviation responsibility does not relax . In 1988 the national panic buying, many media outlets have carried out relevant reports, but only <Daily) says nothing about. It was quite puzzled at that time, suspected <People's Daily) is not a mistake. <People's Daily) and editor explained that was not mistake. citing three reasons: First, the main body of the people buying their own, so there is no problem of blocked messages to the masses; Second, if there may be induced to follow the trend reported more panic buying; third is from the economic science point of view, it is reasonable to buy self-defense. can not send people not buying the message. later proved. <Daily) approach is absolutely correct. <People's Daily) and do not stare at it lightly a social news. but first consider the social benefits. no doubt. the media dissemination of useful information to the public. he has also entrusted with guiding society along the track of healthy and orderly progress of the functions and responsibilities. as the editor, every day when dealing with a large number of contributions to hold responsibility for this bottom line, especially in the face of sensitive social news, we must consider the matter carefully observe carefully. should not have tried. (in units of Fushun Evening News)
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