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School girl swept away by pretending to be kidnapp

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PostWysłany: Nie 19:19, 23 Sty 2011    Temat postu: School girl swept away by pretending to be kidnapp

Southwest University of ticket fraud suspects arrested. Photo

correspondent Yao Haizhou education area known as Chongqing, Beibei, annual winter approaching, tens of thousands of students will embark on journey home, struck a chord in the hearts of every parent. How do students go convenience, peace of mind go, is this time of year, Beibei District Public Security Bureau has been working to targets. Recently, they have successfully cracked the ground to help purchasing tickets, 35,000 students cheated more than 213 million fraud.
initiative to come to purchasing tickets

2010 年 12 月 24 日 22 when 30 minutes, Beibei District Public Security Bureau received Liu Southwestern University students reported that adult education institute, with students on December 11 at the Southwestern University to help students from purchasing tickets. At this time, a young woman claiming to be contacted Huang Xiaofang Liu, to be able to help their purchasing tickets to the station ground, a total of 213 students cheated Liu for the purchase of train tickets to 35,000 yuan.
According to students, said Liu, 11 December, Huang Xiaofang contacted by his classmates, claiming also the Southwest University students have an acquaintance in the train station, you can buy a lot of train tickets. The two sides agreed: Liu students booking of personnel in schools, student card and the fare charged, Huang Xiaofang is responsible for the purchase of tickets. December 14, the convener Liu students hand in the school set up five ticket purchasing points.
identity for Huang Xiaofang, Liu students said: suddenly disappeared

12 23 evening, Huang Xiaofang suddenly with money missing. This allows students to Liu, who anticipated a day, constantly being asked to call the students pay to booking,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we are asking this question.
Huang Xiaofang missing that day, Liu was impressed by the students. Before purchasing Liu students each point once the first batch of 3.3 million received by the fare to the Huang Xiaofang. December 22, Huang Xiaofang really bought a train ticket. This allows the identity of Liu classmates believe in her.
12 23 morning, Liu students in turn received 3.5 million new fare card to Huang Xiaofang Zhang Xuesheng and 213, asked her to himself as a candidate. This is the bilateral cooperation, Liu students the most money to her once. Both sides say good night to get tickets.
However, at night, Huang Xiaofang Liu students repeated phone calls, the other has been shut down. Cuipiao students one by one phone call, so that Liu students miserable. December 24, Liu students and other students have, with the new fare received a partial line to buy train tickets, the first solution of the urgent needs of some students. During this period, students have continued to Huang Xiaofang Liu calls, but always off.
claimed to have been abducted disappeared

9 o'clock that night too, Liu and his party among the students, it was received Huang Xiaofang messages sent to mobile phones. SMS sent to the tone of a man seems to say that the Huang Xiaofang kidnapped and threatened them to not allow the police, otherwise we can not get student ID card.
Liu students and others and deal with each other for a while, the other party once again sent a text message: view,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is really found in the trash side of a large bag of student cards, but there is only more than 100, since Huang Xiaofang Liu students lost all contact information.
12 月 24 at midnight, Beibei District Public Security Bureau received a report, the high degree of attention, immediately set up a task force, to the detection of the case. The ad hoc police had not slept all night, on the one hand through the reasoning of massive data quickly work out the key activities of the suspect and other clues to track the other hand, look through the transfer station to the ticket sort of video surveillance. December 26, the ad hoc initial grasp of the police fraud suspect from the true identity: real name is Wang Mou Huang Xiaofang, a senior department of adult education institute in a university law students.
law student to break the law

12 28 morning, the ad hoc police suspect grasp a foothold in the Yuzhong District, is preparing to implement the net arrest, accidentally found the suspect Chengdu has been coach to the direction of escape.
Once the suspects arrived in Chengdu, the search it will be very difficult. Chengdu project direction to the police immediately drove to catch up. Through comprehensive analysis, investigators will determine the suspect to stay in Chengdu,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and the suspects will be back Dec. 30 to take part of the Yuzhong District of clothing and luggage. Thus, the project has just arrived in Chengdu after the police immediately dispatched a U-turn back to Chongqing arrest.
12 月 30 日 17 when make 30 minutes, the suspect near the Liberation Monument to take clothes, police caught red-handed by the project.
by the first instance, Wangmou confessed to the fraud. According to Wang Mou accountable for their investment, Thwarted at every turn after they devised the Has a bright future in law had college students, but embarked on a violation of the law of no return, so that police handling the case except to marvel at.
text of this group / reporter in Iraq Yong-jun


Every year we passed a similar people reported to a safe account.
the same this year. Today, we have done a 12 We hope that the peace of accounts each year, gives the reader more of the bright and not dark, bring more security to the people.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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