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User suggested start

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PostWysłany: Nie 22:09, 23 Sty 2011    Temat postu: User suggested start

PRC Beijing Jan. 16 (Xinhua Shi Jiangmin) Forest City, Henan Province, to stop heating, to January 16 has entered the first 12 days. The local temperature reached minus 10 degrees, the people of the heating problem, still unresolved. People's Daily reporter in Beijing, Henan Relay follow-up reports,

many users in the forest city government departments on livelihood issues and overall lack of consideration of scientific evidence is very disappointed and strongly urge the Henan provincial government start

held in Henan Province People's Daily reporters want to quickly restore the power of the state forest heating. The test of time for people across the country to Henan. Also hope that our friends make plans for the forests of heating state to provide whatever help and hope around the country for individual power, warm place to stop the state forest lessons learned.

some friends shout:

a fine tradition of Lin county thirty-nine days today how to stop heating the point, it is sad the people of Linxian, the mayor of shame. - IP: 221.192.148. ��

leadership of the state forest adjustment. Please Henan Lu Zhangong secretary, Guo Gengmao concern for the governor to interfere. - IP: 221.204.214. ��

Anyang municipal government proposed accountability system start immediately on this warming stopped to give decision-makers according to the law stricter accountability. - IP: 125.39.39. ��

Lin states, That was the people's misery,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! - IP: 121.14.235. ��

Pearl District has not heating. Pearl district is simply not heating equipment, said 2012 will be heating, it will not freeze to death people, ah! - IP: 60.217.232. ��

by now a monk to read shape. - IP: 60.217.232. ��,

mayor of the state forest, you are ye think ah? - IP: 123.150.197. ��

Linzhou heating problem is not the former head of the left, shall be investigated and accountability. Do not hope that the leadership of one after another. IP: 60.217.232. ��

Anyang Power Administration bears any responsibility in the incident? - IP: 114.247.10. ��

Linzhou what the root causes of warming stopped? Is a power outage. In any case, a continuous power supply to the key enterprises is the responsibility and obligation Electric Power Bureau, but they do it? Stop heating the electrical sector is not an accident should bear the primary responsibility? Henan, Anyang, Lin Electric Power Bureau, the state leadership is dereliction of duty? ! Should allow them to come forward to clear! - IP: 114.247.10. ��

Forest City's mayor, secretary of the step down! - IP: 123.125.1. ��

Indeed, the Forest County, where severe power outages in rural areas, power is often a matter, especially in winter, power outages last year's New Year's Eve is also the hope that this will not! - IP: 60.217.232. ��

such leadership is hard to understand! Even primary school kids are not as ah! - IP: 123.235.43. ��

people so bitter cold! - IP: 122.227.222. ��

again become the focus of the state forest. This is not the canal,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! - IP: 60.217.232. ��

Lin pathetic state of the people. - IP: 60.217.232. ��

lucky that the mayor is not a ranking official in Harbin! ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! ! - IP: 121.14.235. ��

more than two months, basically from the winter, have moved into rural areas to limit state power, the more off the more powerful in recent years, more than 17 o'clock on the power outage, until 9 o'clock to come, how, at a bit of urban residents and rural villagers do not need it? - IP: 60.217.232. ��

energy savings should usually start from little things, from me (especially the officials) to start. It should not be a target for completion of a so-called people on to the surgery. - IP: 60.217.232. ��

In addition, users also reported in Shaanxi, Hunan, where the power of individual clues, hope the local government check:

winter Mei County, Shaanxi Baoji always after the power outage. - IP: 202.100.93. ��

Hengshan County, Hunan Province, Tang Xiang Guan Fenglin Village, nearly 2 months, always during the day off, no electricity at night almost every evening. To bring great inconvenience to people's lives, I hope the relevant departments to attach importance to this problem! Each family are old and small, every day, no electricity, in case any emergency, do not know how to deal with. So long, but now will the New Year, hope to as soon as possible. The family atmosphere of a harmonious New Year! Thank you! - IP: 121.14.234. ��

Li Guoqing war of words just two days of strike Da

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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