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Outsourcing will be incorporated into the new No.

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PostWysłany: Pon 9:36, 24 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Outsourcing will be incorporated into the new No.

Information technology development in China's State Council, a significant relationship between documents 18 - "to encourage the development of software industry and integrated circuit industries a number of policy" is about to expire at the end of this year, and the relevant departments of several years, many software companies are eagerly looked forward to a long time follow-up policy has not been available.
Decade-long preferential policies,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], whether through the new file to continue? Surface of the new file will reduce or expand the benefits?
China Software Industry Association and vice president, Beijing Software Industry Association, Hua Pinglan
Article 18 of China's software industry has played crucial role in promoting. No. 18 after the introduction of China's software industry has been very rapid development in the past 10 years, probably more than 30% average annual rate of increase, and our proprietary software has been steady development of innovative products is endless. Because the text of which 18 developed especially for intellectual property rights of software products to a certain degree of preferential and preferential policies to promote independent research and product development played a crucial role.
But China's software industry in general, there is still a big gap with the developed countries in the world market share in the software industry the proportion is relatively small.
One area of software industry service outsourcing, from this perspective, there is a big gap between China and India.
India's software industry is mainly oriented to service outsourcing, and China's service outsourcing in the software industry which is still relatively small proportion. India doing well in the field of service outsourcing, it is successful, it has been the trust of foreign companies. The development of China's service outsourcing industry is still in the process.
Therefore, whether China's software industry product development innovation, or the service outsourcing industry, we need to vigorously strengthen the government should give policy support.
As far as I understand it, the state is studying the introduction of the State Council document on the 18th after following the better policy to support the original 18, only the text of the software industry,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], software products, not including software services,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and "software as a service" is the software industry a major trend. The new policy not only to continue to have a policy to support software products, will have support for software services, preferential policies should be expanded coverage.
In addition, the Software Industry Association has a new policy-making departments to make a suggestion for a new article 18,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the tax discount rate of not less than the level of the old text 18. Also suggested on the basis of the existing tax incentives, the establishment of a turnover tax for the tax software industry and level of the software product (before 17% of the VAT) and service (until 5% sales tax) to unity in accordance with the turnover tax levied turnover tax rate does not exceed 3%.
I believe that through the introduction of the new policy to support the end to make China's software industry to grow faster.
China's software industry is now big problem is the small volume, small scale, was not enough to master the core technology, this software will our hard work together business colleagues. China's software industry should greatly enhance the development of innovative software intellectual property rights, while outsourcing the entire software industry, which is an important component of outsourcing in the service we would also like to learn from India.
At least let the pirates ruin
I recently proposed four measures: First, the behavior of the software industry should be self-discipline not to use pirated software, as software companies, if it wants to protect their intellectual property rights, even intellectual property rights of others should not be violated; Second, software enterprises to actively use technical means, independent copyright protection, so that piracy failure; Third, copyright registration organizations and agencies in charge, to high quality work efficiently to meet the enterprises and institutions to the needs of software copyright registration, and maintenance demands of copyright provide effective help; Fourth, intellectual property rights of the legislative, judicial, law enforcement agencies, should vigorously strengthen efforts to combat software piracy violations, the pirates pay a painful price, can not stand.
These measures need all the collaboration and support each other and work together. Each other in the software industry's piracy problem is the endless, and now some large international companies in the software piracy problem of SMEs in China also exist. So I have urged people to self-discipline.
Current efforts to crack down on piracy is not enough, can be described as superficial. Quite difficult to obtain evidence of software piracy, many companies because the cost of increased difficulties in obtaining evidence, leading to the crackdown is relatively weak, catch a single is a single, did not catch is the past. In this case, there is no deterrent for the pirates, there is no protection efforts for the victims.
Judicial and law enforcement agencies should focus on those earnings for the purpose of combating piracy, such as size, large quantities of the fight against piracy should focus on. To make piracy unprofitable, even if the pirates not to ruin and death, at least have made them ruin!
Currently dealing with intellectual property cases, the evidence is a common problem is difficult. What constitutes piracy, have rich experience and expertise of the judges to make specific decisions. Meanwhile, as the prosecution of intellectual property owners must invest a lot of time and money to collect sufficient evidence to make police file the case. Evidence difficult to make efforts to crack down on piracy, weak. Distribute pirated software pirates cost is very low, but the law enforcement agencies to catch the pirates is very difficult, the cost is relatively high, often tracing piracy will not start.
Chinese software companies should work in two ways. On the one hand is the intellectual property of the products hit the world up, this is the most fundamental. For example, the Founder of digital publishing system has gone global. Of course, we still have a lot of embedded systems, which is closely related with our manufacturing industry, such as Huawei, with its communications equipment to go out, communications equipment, there are a lot of embedded software, software to conveniently slide down out of the way to go .
Also includes some games, animation software, including many related to our cultural and creative software, such as Crystal Olympic picture produced by the company, this is implemented in software, which is also the world. I heard that the London Olympics to the company purchasing the crystals and ask them to development.
On the other hand the industry by outsourcing the software out of here. China's software outsourcing industry in Japan and South Korea now has the edge in the world, the U.S. and Europe are outsourcing a lot worse than India. China's service outsourcing enterprises to do the original, we do not have intellectual property rights, working for a foreign company. But there are also some Chinese enterprises to do service outsourcing by outsourcing to understand the needs of foreign countries to understand the foreign business processes and product quality management. These areas to improve the quality of software enterprises in China are favorable.
Through these learning and understanding of foreign demand, business process and management, on this basis, Chinese companies do product innovation. Chinese enterprises can not meet the receipt of a number of foreign orders, foreign companies can pay to live,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or through the development of service outsourcing industry, increase our capacity for independent innovation. In this case, our software industry to the bigger and stronger, while the real.

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