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[Silver (2009) 284] on the financial support servi

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PostWysłany: Pon 9:38, 24 Sty 2011    Temat postu: [Silver (2009) 284] on the financial support servi

People's Bank of China headquarters in Shanghai, branches, business management departments, the provincial capital (capital) city center branch; provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) commerce department, the Banking Bureau, Securities Regulatory Bureau, Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange Branch; The policy banks, state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, China Postal Savings Bank, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation:
To better implement the "State Council on the current number of financial advice and promoting economic development" (SCS 〔2008〕 No. 126), and "the State Council on Promoting the Development of Service Outsourcing Industry Reply" (letter 〔2009 Office of the State 〕 9) the spirit, increase financial transfer and industrial upgrading, industry support, and focus on doing the 20 model cities of service outsourcing in the financial services industry, now make the following observations:
First, fully understand the financial support of the development of service outsourcing industry, the importance of
Intelligence service outsourcing industry is talent-intensive service industry, information technology, carrying with high added value, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, employment ability to attract high-quality personnel, high level of international features.
Develop service outsourcing industry, in line with the requirements of scientific outlook on development is conducive to the transformation of economic development mode, and promote "resource-saving and environment-friendly society" and promote SME development and to optimize the export structure and improve the utilization of foreign investment level, help to increase employment of college graduates,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the expansion of domestic consumption.
Currently, the rapid development of service outsourcing industry, to financial support for development of service outsourcing industry, the financial institutions to implement the current macro-control policies in support of industrial restructuring and improve the credit structure of the "win-win" strategy. Financial institutions to seize national industrial policy support to accelerate the development of service outsourcing industry a powerful opportunity to fully consider the characteristics and business service outsourcing industry of the actual situation, with the benefits of service outsourcing industry tax subsidies, a steady and orderly development of activities to promote service outsourcing industry financial services, and strive to increase its service outsourcing industry through financial support,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to seek new profit growth point. Meanwhile, financial institutions meet regulatory requirements in the premise, and actively explore the non-core back-office operations such as call centers, customer service, bookkeeping accounts, vouchers printing, awarded to the strong and qualified service outsourcing enterprises to further improve financial services the quality and efficiency.
Second, the full range of banking support to enhance the level of service outsourcing industry
Positive development meets the needs of service outsourcing industry, the credit characteristics of innovative products. Full attention on service outsourcing business cash flow and cash flow monitoring. In the current factoring, forfeiting, bills discounting and other trade finance instruments, based on dynamic monitoring by, credit cycle, closed management of the specific, the development of secured loans receivable, order loan financing innovation-based industrial chain products. Including proprietary knowledge and technology to promote research,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], licensing patents and copyrights, including intangible assets secured loans business.
To promote the outsourcing industry to explore formats for a variety of forms of credit enhancement. Role of the government, industry self-regulatory organizations and service outsourcing enterprises, and many of enthusiasm, make full use of industry associations (CMC) led, service outsourcing and business associate of the credit community mutual insurance and other multi-level security of external credit enhancement means. Strengthen the credit guarantee agencies, local government funding to encourage guarantee agencies based priority support service outsourcing enterprises.
Deepening the extension of the service outsourcing industry, supporting services and credit support. Actively support the model of urban infrastructure, investment environment, the relevant public technical service platform, the public information network platform for the construction and operation. Demonstration of various types of support service outsourcing enterprises in urban areas focus on development and construction. With the financial discount policy to support national economic and technological development zones in central and western areas of service outsourcing in the construction of infrastructure projects in development.
Encourage banking institutions in line with commercial principles, based on service outsourcing from 20 cities have some basis in selected cities innovative pilot financial products and services, credit products and services through innovative channels such as the effective way to increase outsourcing credit support to enterprises to support a number of strong, there is a market, there are orders of service outsourcing enterprises bigger and stronger as soon as possible.
Third, the multi-channel service outsourcing enterprises to expand direct financing channels
Support the qualified service outsourcing enterprises listed overseas. Actively promote the construction of multi-level capital market, innovative financing varieties, to meet the conditions of service outsourcing enterprises with independent innovation capability, especially in the service outsourcing enterprises to provide financing platform. Increase public counseling service outsourcing enterprises, and strive to support a number of strong prospects for development, the employment ability of the service outsourcing enterprises in the domestic capital market financing, China's service outsourcing enterprises to enhance the international competitiveness.
Actively through various means of support for debt financing products and service outsourcing enterprises. Encourage existing qualified service outsourcing enterprises to make full use of short-term financing bonds, medium-term notes and corporate bonds, convertible bonds and other direct financing tools to meet the financial needs of business development. Outsourcing for SMEs to explore a collection of bonds issued. Encourage the various security agencies jointly provide security services to improve the collection of bond credit rating.
Support the participation of various social funds through debt and other investment holding, or support service outsourcing enterprises. To encourage industrial investment funds, equity funds and venture capital enterprises to increase investment in service outsourcing enterprises.
Fourth, improve the innovation needs of the service outsourcing enterprises to adapt to the characteristics of insurance products
Improve the export credit insurance policy. China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation to lower insurance rates short term,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the smaller countries of the lower country risk and long-term insurance rates, and effectively improve the export credit insurance for exports of service outsourcing model city coverage.
Innovative types of insurance products. The Chinese insurance companies should actively develop science and technology insurance and provide more consistent service outsourcing business characteristics of insurance services. Gradually establish a product development outsourcing companies, technology export insurance mechanism for the service outsourcing enterprises "going out" strategy to provide services. Innovation and commercial insurance products to enhance the risk of service outsourcing enterprises to commercial credit guarantee for the service outsourcing enterprises with export volume protection, commercial debt collection services, and insurance under the facilitation of trade finance services. Actively take market operation, policy guidance, government promotion, etc., to speed up the development of liability insurance, in particular the development of service outsourcing enterprises to adapt to intellectual property infringement insurance, employee loyalty risks, product liability insurance, product quality and variety of insurance and other liability insurance. Through product innovation, service outsourcing enterprises, including equipment, property, technology and technical staff, including personal safety risk protection package.
Fifth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], improve foreign exchange management, foreign exchange income and expenditure to facilitate the outsourcing
Reduce the risk of service outsourcing enterprises, the exchange rate. Encourage the development of offshore service outsourcing business enterprises using Renminbi. Actively cultivate the foreign exchange market, the existing foreign exchange forwards, swaps and other currency on the basis of risk management tools to vigorously promote the development of the RMB exchange rate hedging products.
Foreign exchange revenue and simplify the service outsourcing enterprises to audit procedures. Service outsourcing enterprises below a certain amount of foreign payments trade in services, income and current transfers of foreign exchange funds, exempt from the tax certificate. Meet the conditions of the development of offshore service outsourcing companies outsourcing business to give account opening, funding and other policies to facilitate the exchange. Allowed by the government departments in charge of the undertaking service outsourcing business, the opening of a special foreign exchange account for the payment issued on behalf of outsourcing clients pay, allowances and other foreign exchange funds, and simplify the outsourcing service audit procedures related to foreign exchange income and expenditure. Determined by the competent authorities of the transfer service outsourcing enterprises in China (sub) package of offshore service outsourcing business, by service outsourcing enterprises to qualification documents, to (sub) package contract or agreement directly in the domestic foreign exchange for transfer of financial institutions.
Sixth, strengthen the coordination and policy guidance work to promote the effective implementation of policies
Strengthen cooperation and coordination among departments, the establishment of appropriate working mechanisms. Over the financial management in conjunction with the competent commercial departments in policy planning, project information, staff training and advocacy to strengthen cooperation and exchanges, the establishment of information sharing and coordination mechanism, combined with the development of service outsourcing industry to promote "ten thousands of projects" initiative to do good quality service outsourcing projects, companies and financial institutions in the butt work, to enhance the financing capacity of the service outsourcing enterprises, support the service outsourcing model city construction.
Strengthen policy guidance and monitoring and evaluation. Financial management departments all over the local commerce authorities in conjunction with the implementation of good policies work, according to area characteristics of the development of service outsourcing industry in 2009, before the end of the development area 9, the concrete implementation of measures to earnestly implement the work. Strengthening the credit policy guidance to better service outsourcing industry assessment of the credit policy, establish a regular reporting system. Strengthen the service outsourcing business loans and monitoring of the special statistical analysis.
Ministry of Commerce of the People's Bank of China Banking Regulatory Commission
September 7, 2009
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